Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mass Murderer Andreas Lubitz was Not Supposed to Go to Work on Tuesday; He Tore Up Doctor’s Note Saying That He was Unfit to Fly, and Instead Calmly Went to Work and Slaughtered 149 Innocents

By Nicholas Stix

At Stuff (NZ).

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Anonymous said...

The story of Amanda Knox is just the kind of lurid sensational story, with a sexual and racial subtext, that the media loves to hype. It appears the Italian justice system has finally exonerated both Amanda and Rafael. It's not really over for both of them though, I suspect the family of Meredith Kercher may take some kind of civil action now plus there are millions of idiots who still believe Amanda is a lying murdering (white) bitch. I have noticed that blacks universally believe she is guilty, while whites are split around 50/50. If you go to the many discussion sites re this case you will note that black commenters always evoke the "railroaded black man" myth. There may be a few exceptions here and there but I guarantee 99% of them will do that.
Now, assuming the Italian courts don't change their minds (again), she appears to be free of any possible legal persecution from Italy. Rudy Guede will be out fairly soon and free to rape and murder more white girls. Jerry PDX