Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slate Gets into the Blacklisting Business

By Nicholas Stix

In spite of being a leftwing blog, Slate had always either respected freedom of speech, or at least recognized its value to a blog that requires as many readers as possible, in order to sell advertising.

No more.

William Saletan, who is probably the blog’s only writer worth occasionally reading by people who don’t read and write for a living, wrote an article two days ago arguing that we shouldn’t call mass murderer Andreas Lubitz a “suicide.”

O.k. by me, except that Saletan was widely criticized as “Captain Obvious.”

But when I read the article today, I wasn’t looking to criticize him. I came across the following comment.
Danielle Garland 2 days ago

You know who else also didn't commit suicide? Hitler.

I responded,

@Danielle Garland Huh? Of course, Hitler committed suicide. What a stupid remark.

Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

I always seek to plug my blog.

Actually, that should be, I sought to respond, because I immediately got an error message with a red corner to it, saying:
An error has occurred.
Please try again.

I tried again, with the same result.

Next, I tried a more innocuous comment, with no personal tag:
Have I been whitelisted? This is a test.

Same immediate result.

If some day, America is ever freed from tyranny, or some portion of her escapes their chains, say in a new nation carved out of the old one, newly-freed Americans will be set upon by people like the Slate thread Nazis, who will assert that they had never supported “Obama’s” “excesses,” and always opposed him in little ways, after their fashion.

Don’t believe them for one second. They’re all in, all the way down the line, to the 100 millionth corpse.

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