Monday, March 02, 2015

Black Serial Killer List (Updated)

By Jerry PDX

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I’ve decided it’s time to update the black serial killer list. Some time ago, I sent a list of serial killers arrested since 2010. I’ve expanded the list. This list goes back one more year to 2009, so it’s a list of serial killers caught in the last six years.

It’s possible there are white serial killers I don’t know about. I’ve gone over every serial killer list online that I could find and checked their arrest dates, but couldn’t identify any more white ones. [N.S.: I added Joseph Oberhansley.]

I can’t find one single comprehensive list of all serial killers caught in the US, along with their race, which makes it difficult to do comprehensive research. If anyone knows of any other white serial killers in the last 6 years, then please send me their names, so I can update the list.

However, even if there’s a white serial killer or two (or even a dozen) that I’ve missed, it won’t change the fact that black serial killers are astronomically overrepresented as serial killers in the last six years. In fact, in order for black serial killers to be in line with their population ratio, we would have to find 106 white serial killers. In order for there to be “more” white serial killers than black ones, per capita (as Afroracists love to claim), we would need even more than 106 white serial killers. You're not going to find them.

Afroracists will try to claim that Watts and/or Little aren’t really that prolific, because they were only convicted of a few murders. Afroracists are virtually always extremely ignorant and have great difficulty with any kind of complex thinking, not that what I’m positing is particularly complex, but for Afroracists it is. They never understand that convictions for serial killers don’t necessarily have anything to do with their total kills. Ted Bundy, for instance, was only convicted of four murders, yet is estimated to have killed as many as 60 women. Bundy, however, is a white man and Afroracists have no doubt in their mind that he is guilty of every murder he is suspected of. They only use the “convicted of” argument, when the serial killer in question is a black man.

If anyone wants to copy and repost my list, please do. I want this to be all over the internet. I believe it’s important to put the lie to the “white male serial killer stereotype.” We can’t stop TV shows like NCIS and Law & Order from stereotyping white men as serial killers (or as the only pedophiles), but we can try to get the truth out as best we can.

Here is the list:

Aaron Hernandez (Hispanic man) suspected of murdering Hispanic and black men

Darren Deon Vann (black man) 2014 killed black women

Jesse Matthew (black man) 2014 suspected of killing white women

Steven Pratt (black man) 2014 killed mother and a man

Brandon B. Howell (black man) 2014 killed white people only (here, here, and here)

Micheal Madison (black man) 2013 killed black women

James Brown (black man) 2012 killed black women

Samuel Little (black man) 2013 killed white women

Franc Cano (Asian man) 2013 killed white women

Stephen Dean Gordon (white man) 2013 killed white women

Israel Keyes (white man) 2012 killed whites of both genders

Antonio Rodriguez (black man) 2011 killed white women; necrophiliac

Michael Johnson (black man) 2010 killed black women

Lucky Ward (black man) 2010 killed people of all races and genders

Lonnie David Franklin Jr. (black man) 2010 killed both white and black women

Anthony Sowell (black man) 2009 killed black women

Antwan Pittman (black man) 2009 killed black women

Jermaine Burgess (black man) 2009 killed white women

Anthony Kirkland (black man) 2009 killed black and white women

Sonny Pierce (black man) 2009 killed black women

Jason Thomas Scott (black man) 2009 killed black women

John Floyd Thomas Jr. (black man) 2009 killed white women

Elias Abuelazam (Middle Eastern man – race ambiguous) 2009 killed black and white men

Joseph Oberhansley 2014 murdered white women, cannibal

Ali Muhammad Brown (black man) 2014 killed black and white men

Kermit Gosnell (black man) 2011 killed babies

Elizabeth Munoz (Hispanic woman) 2014 kills Hispanic men

Jung-su Baek aka Jeong Soo Paek (Korean man) 2012 killed other Koreans


Anonymous said...

Hispanics are listed by "law enforcement" as White.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the additions Nicholas. I'll update my list accordingly. I never even thought about Aaron Hernandez but he definitely fits the profile. You could arguably say his murders were "gang related", therefore "for profit" killings, but why on earth would an NFL player or a future NFL prospect need to kill for money? Something else was motivating him. Jerry PDX

Anonymous said...

At times I watch the ID channel, Investigation Discovery.I am really surprised that they expose some of the black serial killers. The other night they had the case of Ynobe Matthews, a black serial killer from Texas who murder 6 victims around 2000. After viewing the story I looked up the case. I had never heard of this case. The details are so vile I wish I never read them. What is strange about these demons is how frequent they burn victims or apartments to hide evidence.

Nicholas said...

Anon I,

Yeah. Even with the white crime rate falsely inflated that way, the black rate is still 7-10x as high. What would an honest comparison be? 10-15x?

Nicholas said...


Thank YOU for your efforts.

I have never heard of Hernandez referred to as a gang-banger, but I have never seen someone with the quality and quantity of his tats who wasn't a gang-banger.

I think most of the charges of cheating against the Patriots were phony or exaggerated, but the charge that wasn't made was the worst: A background check of this guy before they drafted him had to show that he was bad news.

As for motivation, I think he was a murder looking for a reason.

The two Brazilian guys might have cut him off in traffic, on the way to the club they went to, or just looked at him. Odin Lloyd, if memory serves, was his GF's sister's BF, but showed cordiality in public towards members of the wrong gang. If the charges prove true, Hernandez just liked killing, and if that's the situation, detectives in every jurisdiction he's lived in for the past 10 years need to start reviewing cold case murder files that at all resemble these three killings.

Anonymous said...

Jung-su Baek aka Jeong Soo Paek should come under the category of mass shooter or spree killer, he killed 6 people in one act and then shot himself.

Nicholas said...

Anon Monday, March 2, 2015 at 10:40:00 PM EST,

Actually, Jung-su Baek aka Jeong Soo Paek killed three men in Louisiana in 1989, and four people (his sisters and their husbands) in Georgia in 2012.

He beat the rap in LA, but I suspect that he was guilty. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for him, all records of the first case were destroyed in 1994.

Nicholas said...

Anon II,

I never heard of Ynobe Matthews, but I’m not surprised. It seems like no matter how many cases Jerry and I come up with, we are digging into a bottomless barrel.