Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Kathy Shaidle: “The West is Brain Dead.” The Elderly are being Forced to Furnish Proof of Age, to Buy Alcohol

Posted by Nicholas Stix

The rationalizations for this practice are even dumber than the practice itself.

I submitted to this practice at a Mets game three years ago. The beer seller in the stands was 45-50 years old, and said he had no choice—it was stadium policy. I didn’t want to bust his chops, and didn’t want to be a spoiled sport. After all, we were there to have fun, not argue, I rarely have a beer these days, anyway, and it was a community event, in front of my neighbors. (It was some kind of fundraiser, maybe for my son’s elementary school. I can’t remember anymore.)

As I thought about Kathy’s blog item, I started to wonder. Are bodega clerks in the barrio pulling this routine with “undocumented workers” 30 and up? Not bloody likely. Are Korean store clerks in black slums pulling it with brothers who are obviously way past 21? Again, not bloody likely. But white men in their sixties? Sure.

Compare this to the sexual fondling and searches that TSA agents routinely pull on old white ladies, while letting Koran-brandishing Moslems breeze through security unmolested.

Like a cancer, unchecked, anarcho-tyranny will metastasize and spread throughout the body politic, until it has killed its host.

[“It’s procedure. You can’t ask for ID from young people and not old people. That’s profiling.”]

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Anonymous said...

Beer is a legal product.
No one is asking illegal aliens for their identification.
The courts tell us that we the citizens cannot ask the president of the US to show us his identification. We have to take him at his word, but when I go to buy a beer, and no one but a fool would think that I look like a kid, I am told to show ID. Does anyone ask for ID for the people who are buying billions of dollars worth of cocaine, methaphetamines, crack, ecstasy, marijuana, illegal prescription drugs, et all? Does anyone ask the illegal aliens here for ID? The government says we can't ask illegal aliens for ID, but I am ask for ID when I buy a beer. I show them my driver's license that is carried next to my military ID.
The war on terror is really a war on White people. It's all in the ball of wax.