Saturday, January 09, 2016

They’re Getting Closer: 3 Shot, 1 Fatally, on North Side Near Beleaguered Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Home

By Reader-Researcher RC

At Fox Chicago.

N.S.: At first, I wrote the headline to suggest that Rahm Emanuel was in danger, but immediately realized the folly of said notion. Although Emanuel is a runt, he’s a dangerous psycho who has served in the Israeli Defense Forces, and has probably killed… with relish. He’s a kind of type I’ve encountered in the past, but only among Italians, when I lived in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn—the macho femme. This is a guy who is extremely violent, and sees himself as macho, yet who is (apparently unbeknownst to him) effeminate, e.g., walks in a girlish manner, or speaks in a high-pitched manner. Actor Joe Pesce, from the Bronx, is such a type.

Growing up in Long Beach, I knew an Italian guy a few years older than me named Vinnie. His last name eludes me (p.s.: it was DeBari). He was about 10 inches taller than me, and had an effeminate walk. The last time I saw him, said something moronically anti-Semitic. I let it pass, because I was scared of him.

A few weeks later, I learned that Vinnie had bashed in a middle-aged, Polish man’s head 25 times with a hammer. Vinnie got one year per whack, though I have no idea how much time he did. After he got out, he headed out west.

To make a short story long, those black bad guys had better steer clear of old Rahm.


Anonymous said...

Rahm is looking for a way out...hoping Clinton will win the White House and take him away from the hellhole that is Chicago.Why he ran for mayor in the first place is the real question.

Anonymous said...

Rahm never did exactly serve in the Israeli Army. He did a stint of service in Israel during the First Gulf War while wearing Israeli military uniform but was doing standard behind-the-lines type of duty that volunteers are given.

Doing routine maintenance on vehicles, cleaning out latrines, moving ordnance around, etc.

NOT ordinary combat trained troop as understood.