Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Moslem Scholar: As Captives and Slaves, White Women Must Accept being Raped by Moslems (Video)

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IrmakYenisehirlioglu ‏@Irmak_Ye Jan 11

Al-Azhar Professor Suad Saleh: Muslims may have sex with slave girls "in order to humiliate them" via @TarekFatah


Anonymous said...

Quite a religion you have there Mohammad.

Anonymous said...

It's easy for her to say. It will never be raped by anything.

Anonymous said...

Sex and rape of the slave women as an expression of dominance and power. Like what the colored prison inmates do to the whitey inmate.

Anonymous said...

Mohammad at the Battle of the Trench had the prisoners executed and then "married" the widows the next day. He is considered to be the perfect man. Anything Mo did so can the average Muslim do.

Extropico said...

Where is that vacuous twit's burka or niqab.

I'm very offended by her lack of modesty and paucity of probity.