Friday, January 08, 2016

More on the Moral Depravity of “Historian” Alice Kaplan

[Previously, on Alice Kaplan, at WEJB/NSU:

“Fraudulent, Tenured ‘Historian’: Emmett Till’s Father, Louis, was a Victim of the Jim Crow Military.”]


Alice Kaplan was one of the leftist Duke Gang of 88, who supported protesters against the Lacrosse Team in the Duke Rape Hoax, without waiting to hear the evidence and, as far as I know, have never issued a retraction or apology.

I also notice that while Kaplan visited the grave of Louis Till, she does not mention the grave of the woman he murdered, nor does she appear to have tried to contact the rape victims or their families on what they think about Louis Till.

As to your comments about blacks in the military, you are correct. The leftist will argue that he was treated badly, no matter how he was treated. I bet there were a lot of front line soldiers who would have loved to be in the rear area where they just carried boxes, and got to sleep in a real cot, and eat food that was not cold out of a can.


Anonymous said...

I have often told others: "if all the colored have to complain about after a period of sixty years now is Emmitt Till they really don't have much to complain about.

Anonymous said...

Louis Till was convicted and hung for raping and murdering a whitey Italian woman. The man was convicted of one murder and rape. Mamie Till was merely told after the fact Louis had met a bad end without the details being made clear to her.

Anonymous said...

In the immediate aftermath of the Normandy Invasion about 4,000 French women were raped by allied troops. During the four years of German occupation about 400 French women had been raped by German troops. German behavior was correct and the allied behavior was not. I would be curious if Alice Kaplan historian has any idea what percentage of those 4,000 rapes were done by colored troops?

Nicholas said...

My understanding is that Louis Till raped two women, and murdered one.

Emmett's criminal career was tragically cut short.