Monday, January 04, 2016

Immigration Restriction is NOT Nazism


The Syrians marching into Austria, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway aren’t the new Jews—they’re the new Nazis.



Anonymous said...

Exactly.This will be WW3 AND 4 combined--similar to the wars on two fronts in world war 2.Once it gets going in the Middle East proper...don t you think all these "immigrants" in Europe and to a lesser extent the US--will rise up in anger and religious fervor to attack their new homelands?And the blacks may just join in and help them here. (They re being recruited heavily by Isis).Happy New Year?

Anonymous said...

Mass immigration is Nazism. It's the Nazi doctrine of Lebensraum turned inward to white countries. Living space for the new colored or mixed-race Ubermensch complete with enslavement and ultimate extermination for the natives.

Anonymous said...

So you re saying Germany is in an alliance with Islam to take over Europe?As they say on drug commercials...side effects include:rape,murder,robbery,assault,lower property values,loss of identity and loss of ethnicity.
---What s the upside again?

Anonymous said...

Nicholas,check out on zerohedge the story of 1000 arab men on a raping spree in Germany during New Years weekend.Non violent,peaceful religious immigrants my eye.