Sunday, January 03, 2016

Dueling NYPD Commissioners: ‘You’re a Liar!’ ‘No, You’re the Liar!’

By Nicholas Stix

The truth is, both of these brilliant Irishmen are pathological liars. The only difference is on the personal side.

Kelly (here, here and here), as he presents himself in public, is a likeable fellow who was the son of a milkman, and has never forgotten his working-class roots. Kelly joined the NYPD as a young man; served in the Marine Corps in the War in Vietnam, where he made it to officer; returned to the NYPD, where he went to law school nights, while pounding the pavement by day; made it all the way to Police Commissioner, not once, but twice, sandwiched around a tour of duty as commissioner of what was then called the U.S. Customs Service. Ray Kelly has been married to the same woman forever.

Conversely, Bratton (here, here, here, and here.), the son of a longshoreman, grew up in the Dorchester section of Boston, but has never exuded the warmth of a Ray Kelly, and is a social climber. Bratton is currently on his fourth marriage.

I have been reporting on the NYPD’s fraudulent statistical reporting practices, which I’ve variously called “crime stories,” “disappearing urban crime,” and “fakestats” since August 1996, when I published the first national exposé on the subject.

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