Sunday, January 03, 2016

Despite Barack Obama’s Claims to the Contrary, He Enthusiastically Supports Ever More “Gun Violence”; if He Wanted to Drastically Reduce Gun Violence, Here are Nine Common Sense Gun Safety Practices that He Would Support

By Nicholas Stix

President Obama to hold town hall on gun violence
By Associated Press
January 3, 2016, 3:47 P.M.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama plans to meet tomorrow with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss what actions he can take to reduce gun violence.

He’s expected to use executive action to strengthen background checks required for gun purchases, an approach that Republicans strongly oppose.

Obama plans to participate in a town hall Thursday night at George Mason University in Virginia on reducing gun violence. The president will take questions from the audience at the event moderated by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

My nine suggestions follow.

• Stop waging war on the police, via the Department of Justice, on behalf of colored criminals;
• Give The Talk, but not the one we’ve heard about for so long: Speak out on the need for colored communities to respect police of all races and ethnicities;
• Reverse your support for black students being defiant in classrooms all across America, and tell black kids that they must obey their teachers, and keep a civil tongue in their heads;
• Announce that you are waging war on the street gangs that rule colored communities, and ask the public for its help;
• Speak on the need for stop, question, and frisk practices, in order to rid colored communities of illegal firearms;
• Stop waging war on predominantly white, law-abiding gun owners;
• Encourage the abolition of so-called gun-free zones;
• Arrest George Soros and every Black Lives Matter member that can be found, on charges of conspiring to incite and carry out violence, and under RICO statutes, and declare BLM a terrorist organization; and
• Arrest Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan on charges of conspiring to incite violence, under the RICO statutes, and declare the NOI (which includes the New Black Panther Party) a terrorist organization.

Some readers will no doubt observe that “gun safety” plays no role in my nine suggestions. That’s because “gun safety” plays no role in “Obama’s” politics either, nor does it play any role, politically, in reducing crimes committed with firearms.


Anonymous said...

I eagerly await The Great and Powerful Obama to announce a greatly expanded "Fast and Furious" gun tracking(!) program to further enhance the number criminal guns in Mexico. BTW, whatever happened to Eric Holder's contempt of Congress summons???

Anonymous said...

The Nine Point plan. Outstanding.