Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wall Street, the Chinese Stock Exchange, United Airlines: A World of “Technical Glitches” and Coincidences: Is the Sky Falling in?

By Nicholas Stix

This afternoon, I learned from CNN that the New York Stock Exchange had been shut down for a few hours, due to a “technical glitch,” amid major losses.

I also learned that the same thing caused the Chinese stock exchange to shut down, even though there was massive panic selling going on in a stock market that was more volatile than anything I’d heard of since ’29.

Yet another “technical issue” cause a shutdown of United Airlines’ computer network.

Those are too many “glitches.” Besides which, what does a technical glitch have to do with waves of losses and panic selling?

One possibility is that today saw the biggest wave of cyber attacks ever. A more likely scenario is that there is such a crisis in the New York and Chinese markets that they were shut down to stop the bleeding. These technical glitch stories aren’t credible anyway, because we’re talking about multi-billion-dollar corporations with armies of servers and tech guys.

That doesn’t explain United going down, but a cyber attack might. Then again, see above under “backup.”

All this is the foreground to the accelerating, years-long, destruction of the West through the invasion of non-white criminals.

I just wrote someone that I am going to proceed as if the sun will rise tomorrow… but I’m not all that sure that it will.

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