Friday, July 31, 2015

Chicago is Having Its Lollapalooza Black Riot, Starting Tonight!

By Nicholas Stix

You don’t want to miss it, if you’re a racist, black felon… or a white masochist!


Anonymous said...

Is there supposed to be a link? Thank you.

Nicholas said...

I wanted to link to something, but all I found were "news" stories promoting Lollapalooza with a straight face, and without any warnings to potential victims.

Anonymous said...

I had the over/under this weekend at far only 1 fatal shooting that I VE seen.What s the problem Chicago??? Why can t you just NOT get along? -like weekend is young yet...maybe they re out of bullets from last weekend and have to repurchase.I have full confidence in the Southsiders of Chicago to get their triggerfingers going again.

Nicholas said...

Only one, so far? That's suspiciously low. Maybe there's a news embargo, to try and make Lollapalooza look good.