Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Koch Brothers, or the ... Cuck Brothers? (Photo)


David In TN said...

I can't help but paraphrase a scene from the Combat TV Show.

"Lousy cuck. LOUSY STINKIN' CUCK!"

Nicholas said...

Speaking of Combat, a year or two ago, I bought my son the complete series on DVD (the one with the extras, even though it costs less than the other complete series). A strong case can be made that Combat was the greatest drama in TV history. It kept its core cast, and doesn't seem to have ever deteriorated.

David In TN said...

See the episode 64, "The Glory Among Men, Disc 4 of Season 2. It has the scene paraphrased above.

David In TN said...

The scene referred to is spoken by Jack Hogan as "Kirby" at the 28 minute park of the above episode. This scene has stuck with me and it made me think of the Cucks.

By the way, Vic Morrow directed this episode. The ones he directed have a different tone from the rest. There is a lot of method, actor's studio type acting.

Nicholas said...

From a different episode: "Nazi shoe clerks!" (Albert Salmi)

What did you do before the war, Saunders?

I sold shoes.

There must have been hundreds of great exchanges like that. And a Hall of Fame of guest stars: Lee Marvin, Richard Basehart, Alfred Ryder, Ted Knight, et al.

Nicholas said...

David in TN (Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 3:20:00 PM EDT):

“See the episode 64, ‘The Glory Among Men,’ Disc 4 of Season 2. It has the scene paraphrased above.”

We watched the opening. I remembered it, but didn’t have time to watch it through again. The cowardly, gambling cheat blackmailing the soldier who acts as his slave, and who gets everyone around him killed. It was great, even by Combat standards.