Thursday, July 16, 2015

Update on “White” Chattanooga Terrorist, Kuwaiti Muslim Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez: He Murdered 4 Marines, Wounded a Cop, at 2 Military Facilities in Tennessee, Before being Killed in Barrage of Gunfire

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

“A single shooter, described by witnesses as a white man driving a silver Ford Mustang convertible, began firing shots at 10:45 am. at the Lee Highway recruiting center, then led police on a chase to the Amnicola Highway location, where further shots were fired.”


At the Times Free Press.

At The Last Refuge.

N.S.: Again, we have the same MSM that refuses to racially ID black criminals emphasizing that the terrorist was “white.” But the terrorist’s name was Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, and he was a Kuwaiti Moslem who was a naturalized American citizen. If he hadn’t been a mass murderer, he wouldn’t have been described as “white.”


David In TN said...

He had a graduation photo from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga standing before the American and Tennessee flags. "Thoroughly assimilated."

Anonymous said...

Muhammad looks as White as George Zimmerman looks. All moslems must be removed from the US and it's territories immediately.

Anonymous said...

The safest place to kill US military personnel is on a military base. They are not allowed to be armed.

Officer Sławomir Płewa of CPD (REINSTATED) said...

You can bet he didn't describe himself as white when applying for student aid or any other government program.

Anonymous said...

The villain fired all the shots from outside the center inward?

That suggests a person with a very craven and COWARDLY MANNER!!

They had signs on the outside of the center that said gun free zone. Lots of good that did.

Anonymous said...

Nicholas has commented about this before. They call the Middle Easterner "white". NOT exactly white but they don't have a good census category for those persons and this is a point of contention among some. Like the woman judge who had trouble checking whitey on her census form.

Anonymous said...

It was also reported a number [a dozen?] of such wannabee shooters were under FBI surveillance just prior to the Fourth! Would not surprise me. More "white" men gone bad I guess.

Anonymous said...

Correction...Jordanian flag...but probably a trip to Syria as well.

Anonymous said...

Terrorists attacks such as this will increase with evermore frequency and with more violence. The Islamist terrorist that have been imported into the US will begin to attack civilians, large gatherings such as marathons and road races, professional game stadiums, buildings, electrical plants, roads, bridges, power lines. It's Barry Soetero's aka Barrack Hussein Obama's game plane to destroy the people of this country all coming to fruition. He must be stopped. He must be removed from office and imprisoned for life.