Monday, July 20, 2015

Yet Another National Media Blackout of Heinous Crimes Committed by You-Know-Who: Detroit Gang Robs Raceless Couple, Forces Them to Strip, and Makes Man Watch Them Gang-Rape His Girlfriend; One Hour Later, They Repeat Crime Against Another Couple!

By Nicholas Stix

At The Last Refuge.


Anonymous said...

They did show a composite sketch of one of the perps and he is a negro.

These crimes were said to have occurred in northwest Detroit. Perhaps that is a coded message for the racial identity of the victims. Anyone know what the northwest of Detroit is like racially?

This almost sounds like gang initiation. The Klan is inducting new members and seeing if they are worthy.

Anonymous said...

Article was unclear as to the race of the vics though a comment in the original article suggested they were black. In any case, according to FBI statistics black men are responsible for a huge disproportion of gang rape. On a personal level I observe that black men like to roam around in packs practicing a type of quick strike hit and run violence, often targeting exclusively whites, that violence includes sexual violence also. Jerry PDX