Saturday, July 25, 2015

Nigger, Nigger, Nigger! Hulk Hogan Victimized by Donald Sterling-Style, Illegal Tape-Recording Ambush; His Career Has been Destroyed, as Part of the Media’s Endless Campaign to Annihilate White “Racists”



By Nicholas Stix

Keep in mind, folks, that this is the word that blacks use billions of times a day in this country.



Anonymous said...

If you are a White male you have a very large target painted on your back whether you acknowledge it or not.

Anonymous said...

Thats Eugene Gants opinion that Hogans career is done.Would seem he could start a new career (if he was younger) just taking on Nig*er wrestlers!!! Don t tell me that wouldn t be the promotional idea of all time.The crowds would be huge.
Trying to make examples of guys like Sterling and Hogan just makes everyone be a little more careful about what they say-and with who---if youre famous.It s a kind of Prohibition(like we had on booze in the 30s)about negative opinions on blacks.It still takes place but more hidden from view..I won t say its racist talk becauae racism connotates ignorance.Hulk Hogan has been around the block...and he STILL thinks the way he does--for a very good reason.He s RIGHT!!! He s seen blacks, worked with them, talked with them and he s decided that the majority of blacks are lowlifes.Who am I to argue?

Anonymous said...

Hulk Hogan: Aspiring rapper.

David In TN said...

"Keep in mind folks, that this is a word blacks use billions of times a day."

When I've told white liberals of my acquaintance this, they are incredulous.