Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In-Your-Face Illegal Alien Jose Vargas Claims He Wants White People to “Say What They Really Think and Really Feel”


Although a young man, the Filipino Vargas has put on a lot of weight eating American food

By Nicholas Stix



Anonymous said...

I had a brood of loud, uncivilized Mexican welfare kings and queenies move in via section 8 next to me.When they were loud--I got in their my tires slashed.Decided I d keep track of them and report them to the police.They were drug dealers, sex offenders and the mother of 3 was a hooker.It took 6 months but I got the lowlifes evicted.Worthless scum.

Anonymous said...

Why is this in-your-face illegal alien still even here among us? The whole world has gone crazy.

Anonymous said...

This guy reminds of Elvira in Chicago. Was about two years living openly and illegally and finally was grabbed and deported. Same should be done for this guy.

Anonymous said...

Go Home! And screw you Jose!