Thursday, July 30, 2015

Is Mike Nifong Now a Prosecutor in Cincinnati? Prosecutor Joe Deters Leads Lynching Party; Rushes to Judgment, She Vilifies White Cop Charged with Killing Black Man with Highly Prejudicial Language that Could Taint Jury Pool, and Cause Reversible Error, in Case of Conviction

By Nicholas Stix

Thanks to reader-researcher "W," who wrote,
Glad I am not living in Cincy.

A friend wrote,
The language the prosecutor is using (Deters) is quite shocking in regards to the white police officer.

This is the new normal. Sunny Hosten (or was it the white Aunt Jemima host?) was on CNN today (Wednesday), praising the prosecutor for what blacks and their allies call "a rush to judgment," where blacks are concerned. She emphasized how great it was that the prosecutor got the indictment a mere one week later. Hosten and Auntie also praised the prosecutor for vilifying the cop. It didn't occur to them that the prosecutor's language was extremely prejudicial, and completely in violation of the ethical rules that prosecutors are obliged to follow. This is the sort of language that Mike Nifong used about the Duke Three, and the sort of behavior we've seen, more recently, from Angela Corey in Florida, and Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore City. Corey lost her case, and Mosby will probably lose hers.

I viewed the videotape, but couldn't make head or tale of it, except that the late Samuel DuBose was being as difficult as possible. I could not determine if he tried to escape, but statements by DA Joe Deters implied that that was the case.

Clearly, black supremacists, white racial socialists, and white Republicans agree that white policemen may not enforce the law, where blacks are concerned. Blacks seek to escalate every encounter with white policemen, including refusing to follow lawful commands, and then are shocked that that this can have bloody consequences. Meanwhile, the Federation for the protection and Encouragement of Black Felons keeps ordering police to "de-escalate" all encounters, but the only method I know for that is to slap the cuffs on belligerents, and take 'em in.

"Prosecutor: UC officer 'purposefully killed' DuBose" (Cincinnati Enquirer).

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Anonymous said...

Logically why---with a camera rolling---would a white cop shoot a black guy in a car for no reason...with all the preceding incidents not a distant memory yet?The cop said he was caught in the car somehow and was going to be dragged so he shot.Why would he lie--with cameras rolling?How will anyone know what happened? The Cincinnati officials I ve seen talk are all trying to save their own asses--keep the political heat off from the blacks.Panic time over there it looks like to me.