Monday, July 27, 2015

Why Did Donald Trump Turn Tail and Run, on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens? Three possible Explanations


[Previously, at WEJB/NSU: “Breaking News Alert: Donald Trump Caves in on Amnesty for Illegal Aliens!”]

By Nicholas Stix

Reader-researcher Jerry X writes,

Why do we need an answer when we already know. Trump is just one billionaire, rich enough to finance his own campaign and, to a certain extent, shoot off his mouth without worrying about behind the scene financiers but like Donald Sterling learned, one billionaire can't stand up to the billionaire boys club, their wealth is tied directly into world financial system of which cheap immigrant labor is an important prop. No, Trump will toe the line, so we get to listen to his phony tough talk and have to put up with his bad toupe in our faces for nothing.

Possible motivations for Trump’s cowardly backtracking:

I. Money: His advisors told him how much he stood to lose over a stand on principle. Maybe he made a couple of phone calls to Univision, NBC, Macy’s, etc., and smoked a peace pipe or two. (He also tweeted about his love for veterans today.) It’s nice to talk about patriotism and all that, but this is real money we’re talking about here!

I responded that after wimping out, Trump was yesterday’s news. Unfortunately, I neglected to copy the twit, and either Twitter or Trump’s Twit intern disappeared it.

II. Attention sated: Trump is, if nothing, else, a publicity-whore. Well, he got some attention, and now, apparently, his need to be in the spotlight has temporarily been met.

III. Who was this about, anyway? He suddenly remembered that this whole brouhaha was about white people. ‘White people? What on earth possessed me to do that? Who cares about them?!’

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