Monday, July 06, 2015

Chicago Brothers Celebrate Independence Day Weekend by Shooting 64 People, Killing 10

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Can the decedents still vote?

At the Trib.


America's Least Wanted said...

How many more were strangled, hacked or hammered to death?

America's Least Wanted said...

Ten? That is more than were murdered in Charleston. How many of the Chicago killers wrapped themselves in the Confederate flag and read crime reports posted on the Council of Conservative Citizens website?

Glaivester said...

The Trib? Is that a lesbian paper?

Anonymous said...

Why is it okay for blacks to have all the fun of killing blacks? Happens so much its normal behavior for them thats why.But one white guy does it and flags get taken down, CNN devotes all day coverage to racism.Obama sings(sort of)at funerals.The world is effed up.

Geoffrey Limes said...

Trump got the ball rolling. Boycott every company that cuts ties with Trump and vote for him and we will get the ball rolling. What other choice is there? Hilary&Caitlin in 2016???