Friday, June 05, 2020

Don’t Snitch! Don’t You Ever Snitch! Just Sacrifice Your Children, Your Grandma, Everyone Black to Black Cut-Throats!

By Jerry PDX
Thursday, May 21, 2020 at 4:34:00 P.M. EDT

Negro male named Nicholas Deon Thrash rapes the nine-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, impregnating her at ten, and her mother protects him:

Headline blares “10 yr. old impregnated” but the abuse started well before that. That’s a media attempt to mitigate things a bit, because it’s a black man. I don’t know the race of the victim, but I’m guessing she’s black.

Momma must have been observing the “Don’t-Snitch Code.”

N.S.: The same people who protect real black cut-throats lie, and accuse innocent whites of non-existent crimes.


Anonymous said...

Negro female children 27 % of them can have a baby at nine years as compared to 9 % of little whitey girls at the same age.

They as a race mature at an earlier age, and mature faster and more so when they do.

Anonymous said...

The mother and daughter would both have their throats cut if the "snitched".