Friday, June 26, 2020

Chicago: Only 14 Shot, 2 of Them Dead, Thursday

By "W"
Fri, Jun 26, 2020 9:53 a.m.

Chicago: Only 14 Shot, 2 of Them Dead, Thursday

Maybe they were sleeping in to get ready for the weekend...or they are running low on ammo and need a major re-supply. Gad-zooks! We are only a week away from the July 4th "festivities."

Federal gang charges:

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By Hannah Pollock |
Gettysburg officials said they are aware of an online event circulating on social media that encourages the burning of flags.

The event, which organizers described as a “peaceful flag burning to resist police,” allegedly sponsored by Antifa, is scheduled for July 4 in the National Cemetery.

In a press release, Gettysburg Borough and regional public safety officials said they know about the threat.

Robert Glenny, Gettysburg Borough police chief; Donald Boehs, Cumberland Township police chief; and Joseph Lachowski, Gettysburg National Military Park chief ranger, said their organizations will continue to monitor the situation and will collectively work together to ensure a safe Fourth of July.

The trio issued a statement, “We asked all concerned to call their respective law enforcement agencies to report suspicious acts or things they feel may be out of place. We do appreciate the outpouring of support we are receiving from various groups.”

They added, “As earlier stated, we are aware of the threats and social media posts, if you are calling to alert us to those; we are watching them already.”

“We want to assure those we serve that we are taking all precautions at our disposal to maintain the safety of all residents and visitors to the area as well as the protection of property to include businesses, homes, monuments, churches and other historical treasures located in the greater Gettysburg area,” Glenny said.

Jason Martz, Gettysburg National Military Park visual information specialist and public affairs officer, said he has heard of the event.

However, Martz said no group has applied for a permit for any activity on July 4, and this type of event is not permitted at the cemetery. There will be extra security available that day, he said.
(GRA:What, an extra 5 retired cops?)
In lieu of a traditional celebration of the three-day battle, Martz said Gettysburg National Military Park is offering virtual programs on its Facebook page.
GRA:I've also read of threats by antifa and BLM,to "go into the suburbs on July 4th and burn whitey's neighborhoods down."
That was one of my three possibilities which I believe,would start a civil war--the other two being Trump or close associate getting shot or the White House attacked/destroyed.