Monday, June 29, 2020

Chicago PD is Sitting on Its Weekend Homicide Numbers

By "W"
Mon, Jun 29, 2020 10:09 a.m.

Chicongo: Weekend Killing Totals Not yet Disclosed

"W": It was widely reported that 106 people were shot, maybe 15 of them killed, during the weekend ending Monday, June 22.

It is now 10 a.m.Monday the 29th, and the reports for this past weekend are no later than Sunday early p.m. (FOX, CBS, Chicago Tribune). 46 had been shot through late Saturday, but no weekend totals. I'll check later this afternoon. But I find it striking that they seem to be sitting on the totals as we descend into the always-deadly in Chicago July 4th weekend:


Anonymous said...

GRA:Jim Quinn,from the Burning Platform(via ZH)wrote the definitive recap of the last month.
"The death of George Floyd, if it had not been caught on video, would have been a two-paragraph story on page fourteen of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Instead, his death was used by numerous political factions to ignite a worldwide firestorm of protests, riots, looting, murders, and wholesale destruction of businesses and neighborhoods. His elevation to sainthood by the left-wing media, left wing politicians, and race baiting hucksters like Al Sharpton has been nothing but a coordinated attempt to further destabilize the country and bring down Trump.

The virtue signaling by corporate CEOs worried about profits, left wing Hollywood egomaniacs, sports figures who think their opinions matter, and the Silicon Valley social media titans of allowable speech, has been a pathetic display of pandering and kneeling before BLM thugs and ANTIFA terrorists.

The last month has been a surreal concoction of lawlessness, battles in the streets, political cowardice, mainstream media malfeasance, and an almost incomprehensible descent into madness. While normals watched events play out on their TVs in disgust and bewilderment, since they were still locked down by politicians who gleefully encouraged protestors (aka rioters) to spread coronavirus, three funerals for George Floyd (JFK got one) somehow devolved into BLM and ANTIFA terrorist activities across the globe.

Then the propaganda machine kicked into high gear peddling a false narrative about systematic racism destroying the country, as weak-kneed white leaders began kissing the feet of Sharpton and his race baiting loyalists. The utter falsity of everything we are seeing, hearing, and being told by “experts”, “journalists”, and politicians is breathtaking in its audacity. But at least the stock market is up.

Our second Civil War is underway, except only one side is fighting. At first, it seemed like the initial protests against police brutality were spontaneous, but it became immediately obvious political operatives used this incident as an opportunity to inflict their Marxist ideology upon the nation, with the support of left wing media outlets and opportunistic Democrat politicians, who saw this as another opportunity to undermine the Trump presidency.

Anyone who questions the narrative is immediately condemned as a racist, with the leftist mob out for blood, figuratively by trying to get them fired, or literally by physically assaulting them and their businesses. When identical protests/riots blossomed in Democrat controlled urban paradises across the U.S. and then in foreign capitals in Europe, it was clear there was big money bankrolling this effort to undermine traditional society and destroy our two hundred and thirty one year culture of liberty and freedom.

Those mysterious pallets of bricks appearing at riot central in every Democrat controlled city in America didn’t deliver themselves. Whatever peaceful intent some protestors may have had was hijacked by centrally coordinated organizations hell bent on destroying the moral and ethical foundations of our country."
GRA:100% accurate--I wrote similar sentences as it happened,but this is a great summary.
-GR Anonymous--I'm a white survivalist

Anonymous said...

When the Covid hysteria looked like it was subsiding, with cases, hospitalizations, and deaths declining, all of a sudden we became a racist society requiring every white person in America to kiss the feet of oppressed blacks (black unemployment was at an all-time low prior to the Covid plandemic). White people who never owned slaves had to bow down and apologize to black people who had never been slaves.

Martin Luther King’s dream of living in a nation where people would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, had suddenly devolved into a nation where white people were required to beg for forgiveness from self-appointed black debt collectors because a bad cop killed a black felon, high on fentanyl.

The demands of BLM and ANTIFA are incoherent, laughable and designed to never be met. Paying trillions in reparations to people who were never slaves and getting rid of police in the urban ghettos, where black people murder black people at an astounding rate, might be two of the dumbest ideas in the history of ideas. But this fake racism crisis is just another excuse to consolidate power into the hands of the ruling class.

None of what is happening in this country is a bottom-up grassroots effort, but a top-down coordinated attempt to seize power by unelected wealthy men who operate in the shadows. Sadly, the general public doesn’t realize how they are being manipulated by those in control.

(GRA:Who ARRRE these people--as Seinfeld would say).

I’ve never been a big fan of current day policing, with their bloated ranks, no-knock raids, militarization at the behest of the military industrial complex, shaking down the public for government revenue, and using their unions to protect bad cops. In civilized regions of the country, the police are virtually unnecessary. But, in the Democrat run urban shitholes, where the agitators are screeching for defunding the police, cops are the only thing keeping those cities from becoming a living hell.

The looting and killing would become the norm. We already have real world examples in Baltimore and Chicago. When a few bad cops were caught on tape killing black men the reaction was to pull back from the worst neighborhoods. They are now lawless kill zones. Blacks murdering blacks by the dozens is completely ignored by BLM because it doesn’t fit their narrative of being oppressed by the white man.

The attempt to extinguish history by pulling down statues of historical figures and renaming buildings, military bases and schools, under the guise of defeating racism, is once again laughable in its infantilism. The overwhelmingly white domestic terrorists destroying public property, with the unresponsive consent of Democrat mayors across the land, couldn’t answer ten basic questions about U.S. history, but they are the judge and jury of what constitutes racist monuments?

Again, you need to step back and ask yourself, why weren’t these monuments pulled down in the 1960s during the Civil Rights protests or during the eight years of the Obama presidency? It’s because those at the top believe it is in their best interests to create civil strife and havoc at this time. They know emotional issues like racism and fear of invisible viruses are the way to keep the masses distracted and at each other’s throats.

The vast majority of Americans just want to go about their lives in peace, earning a living, and enjoying their free time with friends and family. But the competing factions within the bigger Deep State umbrella have chosen to use average Americans as pawns in their game of power and rent seeking. The demographics of the protestors, overwhelmingly white, 25 to 50 years old and democrat, either reveals them as having only goal of bringing down Trump or proving their degrees in gender studies has left them with no critical thinking skills.

Anonymous said...

Headed toward a thousand dead in Chicago this year. Maybe that isn't so bad.

Anonymous said...

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Chicago police and community leaders are struggling for solutions after back-to-back weekends in which young children were shot and killed.

"We are tapping all of our resources to ensure these killers cannot kill anyone else," Supt. David Brown said. "We all need to be outraged by this violence."
(GRA:No,it's meaningless to blacks.That's like asking a black if he regretted rioting and breaking into Target for free sh*t--NO!)

According to Chicago police, 63 people were shot, 16 fatally between 6 p.m. Friday and 11:59 p.m. Sunday. Three of those fatal shootings victims were minors, police said.

"We have a 1-year-old and a 10-year-old killed for no reason at all," Detective Commander Brendan Deenihan said. "These guys have to get off the street quickly."
(GRA:LOL,what b.s.They were killed for a very good reason,blacks like to kill blacks,whites,men,women--of all ages from 1 to 99.They can't say it though).

At a press conference Monday morning, Superintendent Brown said officers had made 22 gun arrests and recovered 66 guns over the weekend.

"Please help us bring these murderers to justice, these evil bastards behind those guns," Brown said.

(GRA: Brown knows them all,but street justice is what it's all about,right chief?Easier that way.Cops get to stay out of harm's way,nigs don't cooperate anyways,so let them shoot each other.More nig thugs where that came from).

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown speaks after a violence weekend in the city left several children killed among a total of 63 people shot.

Superintendent Brown said violent offenders need to be held in jail longer.

"They shouldn't get out early," Brown said. "If they get three years, do three years. New York did this. LA did this and they are just as liberal as Chicago. Chicago can do this. We can have under 300 murders."

As the city braces for a historically violent Fourth of July holiday weekend, Brown said an additional 1,200 officers would be deployed from Thursday through Sunday.
GRA:A major heat wave is headed for Chicago,Grand Rapids and Detroit--with temps the next 10 days to average in the low to mid 90s.
The over/under for July 4th HAS to be 115 shot,34 fatalities.Place your bets.