Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Stix to GOP: It was You; It was You (Please Support WEJB/NSU!)

I’ve never called myself a “conservative,” or a “Republican.” After 44 years, I’m still a registered Democrat, but that’s for religious reasons. (I was raised an Orthodox, liberal Democrat.)

I consider Donald Trump, Bush III. Trump’s people are even privately using the identical argument that Bush II’s people used in 2004: Who else you gonna vote for?

They’d better be careful, or they’ll learn what John McCain and Mitt Romney, two Republican Manchurian candidates, learned.

I’ve been on the Internet since January 2000, and for all that time, I’ve read Republicans squawking about “the long march through the institutions.”

There was no “long march.” There was a sprint, because the Republican “patriots,” who were supposed to be guarding our institutions, instead shot real patriots in the back, immediately surrendered, and killed the Reds with kindness, like the French did with the Nazis in 1940. (If the Resistance myths I saw in movies and TV shows as a kid had had any truth to them, the Germans would have fled with their tails between their legs.) Heck, Republicans even enthusiastically acquiesced to the Reds switching the colors of politics, with the GOP embracing the color of Communism. "Red State America," indeed.

Who was it that put the knife in Joe McCarthy’s back, destroying America’s greatest anti-Communist? Not one but two Republicans. First, President Dwight D. (“Ike”) Eisenhower, who covered up the Communist conspiracy that had spread its tentacles within the U.S. Army, by seizing incriminating documents and keeping them under lock and key at the White House, and then Republican Sen. Ralph Flanders of Vermont, who initiated the call for censure against Tailgunner Joe in the U.S. Senate.

Ike had a dual loyalty problem. Although he had sworn an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic,” his true loyalty was not to the Constitution, but to the Army. Ike’s betrayal was so outrageous that it led the great Robert Welch to conclude that Eisenhower was in on the Communist conspiracy.

I don’t know what was up with Flanders.

But such Republican betrayals have been a running refrain for over 60 years.

They always have their articulate defenders. ‘When we win the next election, we’re going to get the greatest constitutionalists on the Supreme Court!’

Kurt Schlichter has been talking like that, of late. A friend says that people like Schlichter suffer from “battered Republican wife syndrome.” ‘He’s getting better; he doesn’t beat me as much, or as badly these days.’

“Constitutionalists” won’t help us, because they limit themselves. We need rightwing hacks, who will undo over 70 years of destruction (going back to Kramer in 1948).

Ain’t gonna happen.

‘Damned, liberal judges!’

So, why haven’t “conservatives” and “Republicans” impeached or shot any of them?

Whites’ last, best hope lies not in getting the right justices.

I carry no water for the GOP, or for brain-dead Republicans who, like Trump, brag to the world of how great Trump has been for blacks. (And such a weakling!)

And this during the middle of a one-sided, now shooting race war!

‘I voted for the Trump revolution, but all I got was this lousy t-shirt.’

I don’t care about the black unemployment numbers, or about people calling me a “racist”; I care about the black crime numbers (fakestats notwithstanding), and the black I.Q. numbers.

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Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

About two years ago,it dawned on me that Republicans were not supporting a Trump agenda and Trump--if he was a true revolutionary--would have started his own MAGA party for the 2018 elections and beyond.He should have recruited people who agreed with his agenda(wall,tax cuts,deportations,more white population growth etc)to run in 2018 midterms--when he was at his peak popularity.
If Trump ever thought of it,I don't know,but if he did,I could easily envision Republicans threatening him to avoid such an endeavor--or they would vote him out of office in any impeachment trial.Probably politically impossible at that point
I don't know who the real Donald Trump is,but a Dem combo of Biden/Mobama/Harris/Winfrey,I do know.Maybe a second Trump term--without fear of re-election--could be more productive.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone in the White House reads this website, but there seems to be some belief that someone there may read VDare. I wish Mr. Stix would try to get this opinion published on VDare in the hopes that someone--maybe Miller--sees it and pays attention. I have seen a piece which claims the not-too-bright Kushner is telling Trump that us trailer park low-life voters have no place else to go. I guess it never dawned on this weasel that a great many people don't bother to vote if they think neither candidate is worth voting for. If Trump doesn't start talking and ACTING like the man we voted for in 2016, we may just cling to a bible, a gun, and a six-pack (yes, trailer park mutant voters have 3 hands) and forget about voting.

Robb said...

Well said Nick! This crap has been going on forever. The 2 parties really are a uni-party.

David In TN said...


You and I are from different sections of the country but we've traveled much the same road. I was born a Democrat, considered myself a liberal during my college days. But I started getting distrustful of the left during that time.

I've never called myself a "conservative" or "Republican" either.

David In TN said...

Our friend Ann Coulter's latest, on Vdare, says the same thing:

"It always you, GOP. It was always you."

Nicholas said...

David I (June 30, 5:41 P.M.),

I wonder how many millions of people have shared our experiences, with FDR as the "God," whom our parents and grandparents worshiped.

Nicholas said...

David II (July 2, 4 P.M.),

Great minds think alike!