Monday, June 29, 2020

As the Remote Control Turns—the Sunday Morning Communist Propaganda Shows

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, June 28, 2020 at 12:30:00 P.M. EDT

...from one channel to another this [Sunday] morning, Face the (Commie) Nation gave Brennan the day off—John (I’m twice the commie SHE is) Dickerson tried to fill her high heels—and he did—with plenty of bemoaning about Trump, coronavirus, and “racial injustice.”
The lowlight was the Tim Scott segment, where Dickerson played a clip—which he said, was on President Trump’s website—of white folks, yelling, “WHITE POWER.”

“Senator, you talk about unity in this country, is posting a video of people chanting, ‘white power,’ unity?”

“No, it should be taken down.”

And replaced, I assume, with black lives matter chanting/rioting—also un-unifying—but fine with Dickerson and Scott.

At 11, Sharyl Attkisson rolled out an interesting story about a Danish politician named Rasmus Paludan, an anti-Muslim proponent, who wants all Muslims deported to save the heritage of Denmark. The essence of the piece was not the validity of Paludan’s argument, but whether such an argument should BE ALLOWED to be made publicly—in other words—free speech.

She had two free speech “experts” from think tanks. One said, “He has every right to say what he believes”—the next, a blonde, put it more judgmentally: “He should be allowed to say what he wants—no matter how stupid it is.”

(GRA: “Why it’s ‘stupid,’” is the follow-up question that wasn’t asked).
I looked him up and found that “Paludan—3 days ago—was convicted of posting anti-Muslim videos and sentenced to a month in jail” (source: BBC). He’s also under 24-hour security protection to prevent attacks by Muslims. So much for free speech.

Finally, Attkisson is still a journalist—refreshing to see—while Dickerson and Margaret Brennan (to a lesser extent) are dogmatists. The bosses at CBS, NBC, and ABC, have to be commie maniacs, to allow this type of programming to be broadcast unfettered. Not only that, but the shrill attitude continues to get more desperately oppressive every hour (at least to me), as we get closer to the election—with four months yet to go. Fortunately, we DO have “mute” buttons and on/off switches—although when Dems take over in November, those features may disappear from our remote controls, as well. What they want us to watch, we’ll HAVE to watch.
--GR Anonymous--I'm a white survivalist

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