Sunday, June 28, 2020

"This is what black America should be protesting": Racial Master Opportunist Charlize Theron Raising Adopted Black Son as a Girl

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"This is what black America should be protesting": Actress Charlize Theron raising adopted black son as a girl

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Nancy Pelosi says national mask mandate is 'long overdue' before jabbing at Trump's manhood

'This is what black America should be protesting': Angela Stanton-King rips actress Charlize Theron for raising adopted black son as a girl

Rioters in Portland continue unchecked, burn Justice Center's American flag, replace it with a 'Black Lives Matter' sign

Trump removes video of vulgar liberal seniors at The Villages slinging racial taunts; 'white power' retort makes the news

BLM mob takes aim at praying Christians and Catholic statue as anarchy spreads to the heartland

Journalist savagely destroys officials over face masks, lockdowns: 'You better hope there is no hell!'

Megyn Kelly gets last laugh: 'Turns out NBC loves blackface!'

Rasmussen: Nearly one in three blacks favor removing 'white Jesus' from churches

Companies succeed in pressuring Facebook to yield, join Twitter in censoring, Parler's rise explodes

Costco cancels famous sheet cakes to help enforce social distancing. Folks take it harder than expected.

Twitter suspends student for joke tweet involving George Floyd as university genuflects to BLM outrage


Princeton University strips Woodrow Wilson's name over 'racist thinking and policies'

'Real men' clean war memorials vandalized by left-wing jerks

US Postal worker accused of tossing campaign mailers in dumpster

Adam Carolla defends Jimmy Kimmel over blackface: 'What if everyone simultaneously stopped apologizing'

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Anonymous said...

That is something the colored hate. Colored kid [like Mike Tyson] brought up by a whitey parent. The man sounds white when he talks.