Monday, June 29, 2020

Alabama Police Chief Fired One of His Officers for Posting a Photo on Social Media that Depicted a Protester in the Crosshairs of a Rifle Scope

By A Texas Reader
Sun, Jun 28, 2020 7:34 p.m.

An Alabama police chief says one of his officers has been fired after posting a photo on social media that depicted a protester in the crosshairs of a rifle scope.


Anonymous said...

That's firable?How about sticking to the idea of terminating employees because of actions,instead of thoughts?.If the cop HAD shot someone,different story.If SJWs weren't digging around all the time for this kind of thing(or in the cops case,posting fantasies of what they'd LIKE to do to protesters),we'd be less prone to knee jerk reactions and unfortunate job loss.Still,what the cop's opinion is,is not a reason to terminate.
It's comparable to me--at my job--THINKING out loud about calling in sick every day for 3 weeks--and getting fired for thinking about it,although I didn't actually do it.
Have we seen any cops shoot live ammo at any of the riots?No.
Would most cops have preferred to use live ammo?Yes--and all still have jobs.This cop just put his thoughts online.Thoughts are not actions.
If the rule of law being followed is,"a mental picture is as punishable as the the actual action",100% of marriages would quickly dissolve into divorce.
The Alabama chief on the other hand SHOULD BE FIRED,for incompetence in failing to handle the situation correctly.Maybe he should have just posted a picture,showing the cop at an unemployment office--if this continues.
Either way,it's not firable imho.

naveen said...

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