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D-Day: Mind-Boggling Logistics and a Lesson in Collaboration

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D-Day: Mind-Boggling Logistics and a Lesson in Collaboration

Plus, the one-off genius of Noel Coward

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

From The Editor

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D-Day: 75 years on

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By Chris Evans, Editor, The Telegraph
Dear reader,

As the Western world stops to remember the achievement of the D-Day landings 75 years ago today, historian James Holland shares this colourful account of why it was just so remarkable.

Back in the present, Camilla Tominey has written an excellent dispatch from Peterborough, where residents are heading to the polls in a by-election that could see the election of the Brexit Party's first MP.

And finally, as the award-winning series Big Little Lies hit screens again next week, Jane Mulkerrins meets its new star, Meryl Streep. She doesn't mince her words either.

Because you registered for The Telegraph, the articles below are free for you to read for the next seven days. I hope you enjoy them. And as ever, there's always much, much more on our website.

My Choices

Forging the Special Relationship: read how the D-Day landings brought America and Britain together.
Could this be the Brexit Party's first MP? Camilla Tominey shares a gripping account of the election trail in Peterborough.
'Women can be pretty toxic too': read Meryl Streep's reflections on the message of Big Little Lies.
Could this be the change that revolutionises internet access?
Matt Trueman thinks Noël Coward is still a writer to relish. Do you agree?

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