Sunday, September 03, 2017

The Terrible Human Cost that Repealing DACA Would Bring

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Sunday, September 3, 2017 at 11:08:00 A.M. EDT

The only headline I want to see Tuesday evening is... “Trump Repeals DACA.”

The Soros-funded riots would begin—because liberals are in favor of all these Mexicans—contributing nothing to (what has always been) an English-speaking country.

Would we miss those sections of town that are inhabited entirely by Los Buenos party stores and slum-like, El Cabana restaurants?


How about the peripheral slum houses and drug crime that destroys sections of cities where Mexicans live?

No. Local politicians have gotten lazy, letting portions of towns be taken over by VERY low-income housing types. IF these Mexicans left, in fear of deportation, the pols would have to decide whether to begin bulldozing these slum houses and building new ones—that white professionals would want to live in. (Hint: Probably not—they'd just try to get more blacks, on Section 8,to fill the gap.)

Of course the fur would fly, but Trump NEEDS TO DO THIS if he really wants to start a transition to MAGA.

Then he needs to work on the blacks (and some liberal whites. Force THEM to live together by presidential

N.S.: The “experts” who assert that the economy would shrink, without the money the DACA nightmares “contribute” are lying like Persian rugs. All immigrants, even legal ones, are economic net losses to the economy, because they abuse so much more in welfare and services than they pay into the system. Thus, if the (850,000 according to their supporters, but I’ve read 1.2 million) nightmares were sent home, rather than the economy contracting, it would expand, due to our saving billions of dollars per year.

The “experts” aren’t innumerate; they’re just liars. They are propagandists for the rich people who personally profit off of illegals, for whom the rest of us pay. “Privatized profits, socialized costs.”

Through chain migration and the nightmares’ own welps, the tab for an amnesty of the nightmares would inexorably climb into the tens and hundreds of billions, and not too far down the road, trillions of dollars per year.


Anonymous said...
GRA:More leaks from the inner circle,say Trump will end DACA--IN SIX MONTHS!!!And then only if Congress passes a new law to replace the old one.
What are the odds of that?Congress taking up a controversial,politically suicidal replacement bill?Who will step up to the plate and vote to deport Mexican kids?MAYBE Steve King from Iowa.The others have been castrated.

So,no change forseen,from here.
--GR Anonymous

Kyra said...

Where are these "White Professionals"? As all the baby boomers in my neighborhood die off or get shipped to nursing homes, it's like a ghost town here. Except for the La Tiendas, the 24 hr glowing-from-a-mile-away laundromat, dollar stores, liquor stores, yada yada.

Anonymous said...

I just returned from some shopping on Hillside Ave in Jamaica, Queens, a business strip that I remember as a kid in the mid-60's that was as Hometown, America, as any place in Maine, or Illinois, or Iowa: you never heard any language other than English.
After picking up a few things at this small C-Town, the sale price for a can of Goya Refried Beans didn't come up right.
After a few minutes of frustration with the Mngr ('we don't stock the 'Traditional Refried Beans') I decided - half-seriously - to ask (twice) the well-nourished Mexican crew right behind me, waiting to check-out their shitload of American goods, 'aren't there just TWO types of refried beans: RED or BLACK?'
Just getting blank stairs from EVERYONE there, I was reminded that this isn't our nation anymore: none of them could speak a word or English.
Yet somehow, magically, they are right here, and everywhere.
These are the same fck'g people that brought their 'babies' over the border 10,20,30 years ago, doing nothing in all those years to get either their own status - or that of their children - made legal: they just didn't care.
Even those that CAN speak English - many extremely well - have chosen, out of Reconquista 'Principal' - not to.
Like the entire DACA program, with all of Obama's eloquence and all the 'tearjerker' stories, it was nothing but a big 'Fuck You' to every American Citizen.

Anonymous said...

What a lot of people don't understand is that DACA gives the whole family access to government benefits.

Please end this.

Anonymous said...

Here's a few in Grand Rapids.The powers that be decided,years ago,to create a "Medical Mile" near the heart of downtown GR.Many hospitals,research centers,labs,all went up with thousands of employees hired--with no decent housing in the general area.A mile away from the "Medical Mile" in all directions,is ghetto...lots and lots of ghetto apartments and rental houses.Dilidated and mostly section 8,a doctor,nurse,PA or any other medical employee would never live in these areas.They go to the suburbs,Rockford,Sparta,Ada,Caledonia and drive in.
Destroy the ghetto and rebuild the area.There are plenty of professionals who would like a house closer to work.I see none of that coming from our mayor and city commission--many of whom feel sorry for "low income" families and favor them over white professionals.
--GR Anonymous