Sunday, September 10, 2017

Video: The Usual Suspects, Genius Division, Riot at a Popeye’s in San Marcos Texas, but with an Unusual Result

By A Texas Reader


“Genius division” is because the racist attackers all wore shirts emblazoned, “Texas State University,” although we do have to keep in mind that all blacks are geniuses.

With affirmative action justice, none of the perps will be punished for committing a hate crime against the white woman, notwithstanding their repeated attempt to murder her unborn child.

“Brawl at San Marcos Popeye’s Restaurant Sends Pregnant Manager to Hospital.”

4 [Black] Texas College Girls Kick Pregnant [White] Fast Food Worker’s Stomach, Get Brutal Instant Karma
Published on Sep 7, 2017

A shocking video has emerged out of San Marcos, Texas, where a 7-month pregnant woman, who works for Popeyes, was kicked in the stomach by four vile she-thugs from Texas State University. Now, the clip has gone viral after the four punks got a dose of brutal instant justice they never expected.

According to local news source KSAT, the brutal assault took place just after 9 p.m. on Tuesday, September 5, 2017. Vedo Kemraj, the owner of the Popeyes fried chicken restaurant, said that the four she-thugs, who were wearing Texas State University shirts, first tried to place their separate orders in the drive-thru.

After much confusion, employees politely asked them to come inside to place their orders, and that is when things took an ugly turn for the worse. The she-thugs apparently didn’t like being asked to go inside to order their fried chicken.

All caught on video, multiple Popeyes employees are seen fighting with the four she-thugs. Kemraj said that the employees were coming to the defense of the pregnant assistant manager who was being assaulted by the four girls after asking them to please come inside and place their order to avoid any further confusion.

The sick behavior displayed has become so rampant in our country as the self-entitled attitude of thugs like these continues to grow. However, the employees of the fried chicken restaurant weren’t about to just let these violent brats assault their pregnant manager, and they delivered brutal instant justice.

he 34-second clip was uploaded to Twitter on Tuesday evening and quickly went viral. What started as a polite invitation by the assistant manager to order inside turned into an all out brawl. The manager, who is 7-months pregnant and appears to be white, can be seen wearing a blue shirt in the video. According to local news source KGNS, the police arrived to find that the four suspects had already fled the scene.

Kemraj, who has owned the Popeyes location for over 17 years, said that he’s never seen anything like this. He is shocked that four thugs would attack a defenseless woman who is two months away from giving birth. “If you see someone is pregnant, you’re not going to hit them. I don’t get that. Hopefully, she is going to be OK,” Kemraj said, adding that the fight started when a group of four Texas State University students pulled up to the drive-thru, wanting to place four separate orders.

“When the customers came inside, they started arguing with my general manager and went to the back of the counter and started fighting,” Kemraj said, adding that his general manager repeatedly told the customers during the altercation that she was pregnant, but they continued to hit her.

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Anonymous said...

White (Unborn)Lives Don't Matter

Anonymous said...

If their photographs are on the camera, how come no one can ever find these perpetrators? Are the police checking the university?

Anonymous said...

A group assault like that # 1 is the use of lethal force. # 2 An attack of that sort directed against an obviously pregnant woman is even worse. # 3 An attack of that nature too savage and barbaric. Very bad people.