Sunday, September 17, 2017

Female with Deep Islamic Disturbance Commits Acid Attack against 4 Female US Tourists in Main Train Station in French Jihad Capital of Marseille; Police Deny It was a Terrorist Attack!

By Reader-Researcher RC

Official: 4 US tourists attacked with acid in Marseille (KHOU)

Two of the tourists were injured in the face in the attack in the city’s main Saint Charles train station and one of them has a possible eye injury, a spokeswoman for the Marseille prosecutor’s office told The Associated Press in a phone call.

N.S.: The terrorist attacker was eager to show off pictures of her old acid attack wounds. Gotta represent.


Anonymous said...

So relieved that she was just a nutjob and not an Islamic terrorist. I'm sure the people she's made blind will be happy to hear that.

Anonymous said...

Acid attacks are a growing phenomenon throughout Europe. Wait until the American jihadi gets the idea.