Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Utah Valley University’s Campus Secret Police

By “W”

Professors told to report students who make campus “less inclusive” to Behavior Assessment Team

This “university” in Utah is well on the way to becoming a model Soviet-Maoist-style indoctrination/lie factory. Given that it is a state school and undoubtedly, in addition, receives federal funding, including federal student loans, where is the GOP? Why hasn’t the state legislature fired the administrators? Why hasn’t the US Department of Education said that they will cancel all federal funding, and student loans will not apply there? Utterly worthless GOP.

N.S.: The conduct of the school administration is illegal and unconstitutional. Every administrator, faculty member, and staffer involved in this criminal behavior must be fired. But will they be fired? Not bloody likely.

At The College Fix.


Anonymous said...

Utah is a very conservative state. Even there you have such moronic behavior?

Anonymous said...

"Your attitude is noticed. OH YES it is!!' - - Red commissar speaking to Dr. Zhivago.