Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Who Said It, the Economist, or the Onion? ‘Sending 1.2 Billion Unskilled, Low IQ (70), Violent Africans to Europe Will Increase World GDP by $78 Trillion

By Reader-Researcher RC

The Economist Claims: Sending 1.2 Billion Unskilled Africans To Europe Will Increase World GDP
"Professor Bryan Caplan argued that if borders were open, a world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer... The whole argument breaks down on social security and the massive world oversupply of unskilled labour."

The Economist, or The Onion?


Anonymous said...

Just might as well take them all in. And those figures undoubtedly based on assumptions everyone knows from the start are absurd.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Not even to mention the social consequences of an influx of Africans and Muslims. In a purely economic sense it is good for the wealthy elites who want an expanding consumer base and governments who want an expanding tax base. There will be a negative cost but they won't pay for it, the middle and lower classes will.

The UN, perhaps the most evil world organization on earth, closely followed by the EU, is working hard to promote this migration using euphemistic terms like "low fertility" in a way that suggests it's some kind of crisis, which it is not. To us anyways, it is a crisis to the rich who need increasing numbers of lower classes to maintain their wealth. The UN has made no secret of it's designs. You can read all about it on one of their press releases:
Low fertility is a red herring though, even if true, which I am doubtful, about so called low sperm counts in 1st world men, it's not the primary reason why there are fewer births, it's because people in the 1rst world are simply choosing not to have children as often as people in the 3rd world. There's nothing wrong with that except it causes panic among those who profit from high birth rates. Humanity isn't going to disappear because people are having less children, there's just going to be less of us around which isn't necessarily a bad thing. What's bad is those evil SOB's who want to replace us with violent blacks who hate us.

Anonymous said...

Is there a difference?Other possible comparisons include,NY Times and the Onion,WAPO and the Onion etc.The Onion was actually the first "fake news" publication,taking in all subjects to parody.The National Lampoon was good back in the day,but I don't remember the writing being as good.

Anonymous said...

Jerry,by jove,I think you've hit the bullseye with your analysis.Side effects of this globalist plan includes,chaos,crime,lower living standards for whites (both here and Europe).The rich(Soros,Gates,Buffet,Zuckerberg)watch it all from above,kind of like the movie "Trading Places",maybe even making a $100 bet amongst themselves,over what may or may not happen.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Isn't this social engineering? What about flooding NYC Civil Service jobs with immigrants who hate Americans and white people? Isn't that the same thing?