Thursday, September 21, 2017

Darwin Award Alert: Englishwoman Emma Kelty Decided, I Think I’ll Kayak the Entire 4,000-Mile Length of the Amazon, Alone and Unarmed; What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Darwin Award winner, Emma Kelty, got training in how to "disarm" deadly attackers. I guess she'll be suing to get her money back.

By Jerry PDX

A woman paddling the length of the Amazon alone, and she thought it would come to a good end?

At the BBC.


Anonymous said...

White women taking a trip in a nation of dark skinned people is taking a big risk. Same as with the young white women that take vacations in Aruba, Jamaica, etc. They go beyond the resort area where it is guarded and run into trouble they did not expect. Looking for excitement and found it. Or it found them.

Anonymous said...

She could have taken a walk on the south side of Chicago after dark and gotten the same result.Darwin award yes,but she made it way too exotic for the outcome that was as obvious as the lips on those native's faces that killed her.

Anonymous said...

"She could have taken a walk on the south side of Chicago after dark and gotten the same result"

Good training for American special operations troops [whitey] wanting to get some real experience in escape and evasion. Drop the whitey soldier off on the south side and tell him to make out alive.

Anonymous said...

"Her body has not been found." Did they check the frig?

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who wishes the entire Caribbean was blown off the map by multiple hurricanes? The majority of the scum of the earth employed as NYC Civil Servants, MTA, etc. are from the Caribbean

Anonymous said...

An idea that crazy reminds me of Michael Rockefeller.
The son of our former VP, he was eaten by cannibals in New Guinea a long time ago.
But he got some great art for a NY museum I do believe, that is, if you call head hunting tribes artsy?