Sunday, September 03, 2017

More on the NFL's Racist Conspiracy Against Ezekiel Elliott

By Anonymous
Sunday, September 3, 2017 at 12:52:00 P.M. EDT

Speaking of Ezekiel Elliott and his loser, white girlfriend:

When Ezekiel Elliott and the NFLPA made the decision to take the NFL to court on Friday over Elliott's six-game suspension, the player's association filed several documents that hadn't previously been made public.

In the NFLPA's petition, which was filed in the Eastern District Court of Texas, the transcripts from the NFL's investigation into Elliott became available for the first time, along with the transcripts from his arbitration hearing that took place Aug. 29-31.

At some point during the arbitration hearing, Elliott had to answer questions under oath from NFL lawyer Daniel Nash. During his questioning, Nash specifically asked Elliott if he liked to do drink and do drugs, and in both cases, Elliott confirmed that he did.

Here's the line of questioning (via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

Nash: "And I think you said you liked her [ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson] because she liked to party, drink and do drugs?"

Elliott: "Yes."

Nash: "You liked to do that, too?"

Elliott: "I do like to party."

Nash: "And like to get drunk?"

Elliott: "Yes."

Nash: "You like to do drugs?"

Elliott: "I did in college."

Despite the fact the Elliott is admitting that he liked to do drugs in college, the running back never failed a drug test during his three-year career at Ohio State (2013-15).

Although Elliott didn't specifically mention what drugs he took while at OSU, Thompson claimed she saw him do at least two different drugs during their time together.

During a separate interview with NFL investigator Kia Roberts in September 2016, Thompson alleged that Elliott had been smoking weed and doing cocaine while he was in Miami training for the NFL Draft.

"When he was in Miami, he was doing a bunch of coke and smoking, and all of that," Thompson said.

Roberts then asked Thompson whether she ever actually personally saw Elliott do either drug.

"I did," Thompson replied.

Roberts is the same NFL investigator who said she wouldn't have recommended a suspension for Elliott because she didn't think Thompson was a credible witness.

The bottom line here is that things could get uglier in this case before anything actually gets solved, especially after Friday's claim by the NFLPA that there's a conspiracy against Elliott.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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