Friday, November 08, 2019

Was White Woman Beheaded in Harlem a Murder Victim or a Suicide?

By A Longtime Reader
Thu, Nov 7, 2019 4:04 p.m.
"Harlem murder-suicide dad warned he was 'not going to lose' divorce battle"

"He said he was not going to lose, that he always wins," Schlecht's father Kenneth Schlecht told The New York Times.  Law enforcement sources believe Tedla decapitated the mom with a knife, then slit the girl's throat before hanging himself from the girl's bedroom door.  Schlecht, a career humanitarian who fought to protect women and girls in poor, war-torn countries, was found on her bathroom floor with her head laying in her lap, sources told The Post."

Progressive, woke, justice warriors such as this woman, never bothered to take a close look at who and what was oppressing/raping/killing the "poor women" she was "fighting to protect."

If she trusted her senses, she would have realized that they were the same - in every respect - as the beast she ended up marrying.

It doesn't matter how many times such displays of barbarity make it into the news, there is an entire cohort of profoundly stupid white women, who've spent their lives disowning, rejecting and destroying their own Western, European, Christian heritage.

Ending up with your head in your lap, and your daughter butchered "Halal-style," is the perfectly logical conclusion to such a life.

She seemed to have called her father in terror and desperation in her final days. But the hard, true advice that might have saved her life was never given to her by her father - or anyone else.

She was never told that the end of her "marriage" would very likely end in her slaughter - as it did here.


Anonymous said...

The African. Woman desiring a divorce from the African man has insulted the man. He must restore his honor. Mex the same way.

Anonymous said...

Lost her marbles and then her head.Yet,all TV And movies are pushing are interracial.Many drug ads have mixed families--just saw one this morning.

Anonymous said...

This lady was suffering from the same mental health problem as most of the leaders of Western countries--a desire to sacrifice their own race to save other races--ending in their own destruction. Other races protect their own race, half of the white race is committing suicide.