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Google’s War on the West: Guess What Happened on This Day in History?

By Nicholas Stix

Ask anyone who cares about Western history, and he’ll say, “The fall of the Berlin Wall.” But the racial socialists at Google hate civilization, and so they say, “the Edmonton Grads!”

Today's Google Doodle


According to the Royal Alberta Museum (see video below), the Edmonton Commercial Graduates Basketball Club was a basketball team of girls who had been high school champs in their Canadian hometown of Edmonton in business high school (“commercial”) who didn’t want to quit playing after graduation, so they formed an amateur team that proved the most successful ladies’ basketball team ever. In 1923, they won the first Canadian-American championship, and won every year until 1940, when they retired, and the competition was disbanded.

According to The Pretend Encyclopedia, better known as Wikipedia, the “Grads” won their first championship in 1924, but I’ll take the word of the historians at the Royal Alberta Museum over some racial socialist mischief-maker at Pretend.

The Edmonton Grads

Royal Alberta Museum
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The Edmonton Grads were the dominant women’s basketball team of the early 20th century, with a record most sports teams would envy even today. They are considered the most successful team in Canadian sports history and continue to hold the North American record for the sports team with the best winning percentage of all time.


N.S.: I went through Checkpoint Charlie at The Wall at least six times during the 1980s, each time with my heart beating through my throat.

One time in September 1980, I witnessed a devout Portuguese Catholic lady from our Goethe Institut group risk prison to save an American named Daniel, from California. Daniel and Claudio, an Argentinian who had returned separately without incident, had exchanged Western Deutsch Marks in a men’s room with an East German for Communist Ostmarken, at a terrible 2-for-1 rate. (An Iranian roommate at the West Berlin youth hostel had warned me never to exchange for less than a 6-to-1 rate). Now, Daniel had to show the huge (at least six feet tall and 250 pounds), blonde, young, East German lady guard his money. But he no longer had the 25 (?) U.S. dollars he’d come in with, and could not account for the cash.

The Portuguese lady held up her cash to the guard, who then turned to her left, and yelled at an unseen tourist being searched, “Alle Taschen leeren!” (Empty all the pockets!”)

During that moment, the Portuguese lady turned and handed her cash to Daniel, just before the guard turned back to deal with him.


Germany Marks the 30th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

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Former President Reagan's executive assistant Peggy Grande reflects on Reagan's influence in tearing down the Berlin Wall. FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC), FOX Business Network (FBN), FOX News Radio, FOX News Headlines 24/7, and the direct-to-consumer streaming service, FOX Nation. FOX News also produces FOX News Sunday on FOX Broadcasting Company and FOX News Edge. A top five-cable network, FNC has been the most-watched news channel in the country for 17 consecutive years. According to a 2018 Research Intelligencer study by Brand Keys, FOX News ranks as the second most trusted television brand in the country. Additionally, a Suffolk University/USA Today survey states Fox News is the most trusted source for television news or commentary in the country, while a 2017 Gallup/Knight Foundation survey found that among Americans who could name an objective news source, FOX News is the top-cited outlet. FNC is available in nearly 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape while routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre.

The Berlin Wall: A Short History of Its Rise and Fall
Nov 8, 2019

On Demand News

Today marks the 30th anniversary since the Berlin Wall fell on 9th November 1981 [sic]. Here’s a brief history of what was known as the frontline of the Cold War. The structure was built by communist East German authorities who said it was to protect the country from “fascists”, while, in reality, it was used to prevent people from fleeing into the democratic half of the city. The wall was heavily policed, with guards on the East ready to shoot whoever made an attempt to cross what came to be known as the “death strip”. The fall of the wall was heralded as the defeat of Communism, and the end of the Cold War.

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965): Richard Burton and Claire Bloom

By Nicholas Stix

In the classic, 1964 John LeCarre (aka David John Moore Cornwell) novel, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, British counterintelligence spy Alec Leamas must “defect” to communist East Germany, where he accuses a Nazi butcher, Mundt, now atop the East German spy service, who is already under suspicion of being a traitor, of being a double agent.

And in fact, he is. But the ruse involves a double switch. Leamas’ charges against Mundt are designed to fall apart at trial, exonerating and thus saving the truly guilty man, and pointing instead to Fiedler, an innocent colleague and rival of Mundt’s, a humane, worldly, charming, bon vivant who actually believes in communism, but lacks the system’s brutality (I know, he’s too good to be true) - and who is a Jew.

(LeCarre notes repeatedly, by the way, how well Nazis did in postwar East Germany, as many others have noted how well they did in postwar West Germany. That was before LeCarre “evolved,” regarding the Jews.)

With the deed done, Leamas confesses to his civilian Communist lover, “We are witnessing the lousy end to a filthy, lousy operation to save Mundt’s skin. To save him from a clever little Jew in his own Department who had begun to suspect the truth. They made us kill him, do you see, kill the Jew. Now you know, and God help us both.”

(Whoever posted the video excerpt above cut it off too soon.)

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (1965): Trailer


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Anonymous said...

"an innocent colleague and rival of Mundt’s, a humane, worldly, charming, bon vivant who actually believes in communism, but lacks the system’s brutality (I know, he’s too good to be true) - and who is a Jew."

Jews [racially but not religiously] were the biggest practitioners of brutality in the old Soviet Union under Stalin and Lenin.