Saturday, February 09, 2019

Remember When There was an Economist Named Robert Reich?

By Nicholas Stix

Robert Reich @RBReich

Anyone who has a billion dollars either exploited a monopoly that should have been broken up, got inside information unavailable to other investors, bribed some politicians, or inherited the money from their parents (who did one of the above). …
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David Horowitz‏ @horowitz39 15h15 hours ago

David Horowitz Retweeted Robert Reich

This is the crap that AOC enthusiasts soaked up from their professors. Unfortunately, there's no penalty for professorial lies (there's no way Reich could actually believe this)

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Anonymous said...

YEP. Robert very prominent in the Clinton administration and now a very vocal critic of Trump. Robert even figuring out ways to impeach Trump even before Don got the nomination. Robert is very smart, I guess I must admit that.