Saturday, February 23, 2019

See This Super-Secret Videotape of the Rehearsal for the Jussie Smollett Hoax!


Bradley Morris said...


Anonymous said...

Life imitates art. Jussie probably too stupid to have planned the whole thing by himself.

Anonymous said...

I could see Eddie Murphy(as Smollett) doing that kind of video(in the old days).Now that I think about it,Murphy used to do a great Bill Cosby impression,so Cosby in prison would be hilarious("Hey,felonious black roommate,are you going to eat your Jello Pudding?")
Or,Cosby doing prison standup:"My wife is divorcing me,that means I need money to pay my lawyers.So to cut to the chase,Fat Alberts ass is for sale."
"The difference between living with a black woman on the outside and the female guards on the inside is,in here--I can ask for sex and get it."
"You can tell how crappy my sex life was at home when you see that I wanted sex from Andrea Costand.I think I was the one who got drugged that day.I still don't believe I went for a Colin Kaepernick lookalike."
Maybe a Bill Cosby/Eddie Murphy"Live from Folsom Prison or San Quentin" album is in the works.Or not.
--GR Anonymous