Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Should Jeff Sessions Have Run for President in 2016?

By Nicholas Stix

Douglas Mercer‏ @douglasmercer33 1h1 hour ago
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in 2013 Bannon begged Session to run

Thanks for the info. I hadn't known that. I think Sessions’ thinking must have been along the following lines:

‘I’m a runt, and I stutter a little. Who’s going to vote for someone like that?’

He was the most popular man in Alabama, but if anything, that was a detriment on the national stage.

People are natural fascists. If they hear a runt say something intelligent, unless he’s Napoleon or Stalin, and has the power of life and death over them, they blow him off, or even mock him. Then they hear a big guy say the same thing, and treat him like he's a genius.

I had a stepmother, a tall, stunning Yankee. She was two inches taller than my old man, and four inches taller than me. My old man, who had supposedly once been bright but who’d wasted his brain, liked to start stupid arguments with me (e.g., about the meanings of words).

One day Stepmom said to the Old Man, “Louis, are you going to keep on arguing with your stupid son?”

Her attitude had been like that since the moment we met, before we even spoke. (Why did she fall in love with a man two inches shorter than her? Beats me, but he was her first love.)

But Stepmom considered my big sister brilliant. Why? Sis was three inches taller than me.

Years later, I overheard Sis tell a friend on the phone, “I’m smart, but Nick’s a genius.” (I’m nowhere near being a genius, but you get the point.)

I have no doubt that Jeff Sessions has a higher I.Q. than Donald Trump, and when it comes to character… Sessions is as splendid a man as we have been blessed with in public service in many moons. But he wasn’t going to get elected president.

I hope he goes back to Alabama, and gets his Senate seat back, assuming it’s still worth anything.


Anonymous said...

I've watched him testify--not impressed.

David In TN said...

The conventional wisdom was Jeff Sessions' age (he's a little older than Trump), appearance, lack of charisma, etc ruled him out as a presidential contender. It was also said being against "gay marriage" ruined him with "young people."

And being a "conservative from Alabama" alone disqualified him. Before 2016, GOP primary voters never seemed to consider the immigration issue.

I recall the Blogmeister wrote that if Sessions announced for 2016, he would quickly join his campaign.

Anonymous said...

Never was I in favor of an elected official in Congress leaving their seat to become a cabinet officer. Remain where you are and do a lot better good. Hardly a lack of talent to fill cabinet positions.