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See How Robert Thompson Allegedly Celebrated Black History Month This Year


"Palestine Police Officers arrest Robert Thompson for the aggravated robbery of the Pit Stop mini-mart, and the aggravated assault of a local woman Thursday.
Courtesy of Palestine Police Department"

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Note that Thompson was not charged with a hate crime, or with attempted murder, charges which would have been automatic, had the races been reversed. Think of cases like this, whenever you hear ludicrous “hate crime” stats from the FBI-DOJ Bureau of Justice statistics, asserting that over 60% of hate crimes are committed against blacks. To the degree that the category “hate crimes” isn’t meaningless, rhetorical garbage, over 60% of them are committed by blacks against non-blacks, mostly whites. However, local law enforcement and prosecutors simply ignore or lie about most black-on-white and black-on-Asian hate crimes. Keep in mind, too that according to the FBI criteria, an offense need only be “partly” racially motivated, to count as a hate crime.

The accompanying story didn't say anything about this guy's priors, but at 40, he's a career criminal. He must have committed tens of thousands of crimes.

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N.S.: James Baldwin was a racist monster, who got Nation of Islam serial killers out of jail.

Suspect in mini-mart robbery arrested
• By William Patrick
• Feb 21, 2019
• [The Palestine Herald]

A 40-year-old Palestine man was arrested Thursday afternoon for the armed robbery of the Pit Stop mini-mart Thursday morning. Robert Thompson also was charged with aggravated assault for setting fire to a customer in the store.

Palestine Police arrested Thompson shortly before 5 p.m. He was transported to Anderson County Jail and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and aggravated robbery.

His bond was set at $4 million – $2 million for each charge.

Thompson was caught on security cameras robbing Pit Stop clerk Linda Camire at gunpoint. During the robbery, customer Della Witt-Denizeri entered the store. Thompson secured both women with duct tape and sat them down behind the register.

After emptying the register, Thompson can be seen on video spraying Camire and Witt-Denizeri with what is believed to be lighter fluid.

Palestine Police Chief Andy Harvey said the fluid did not light as Thompson expected. Nevertheless, flames ignited on Witt-Denizeri, who suffered burns to her head, face, and neck.

[Flames didn’t “ignite on Witt-Denizeri”; the perp can be seen bending over her and lighting her on fire!]

Witt-Denizeri was transported to Palestine Regional Medical Center, and later transferred to Parkland Memorial Hospital's burn center.

Sandy Witt, Witt-Denizeri's aunt, told the Herald-Press she had visited her niece at Parkland Hospital.

“Her hair is burned off in the front,” she said. “It looks like the hair actually melted in the back. Her hands are black, as if they were covered in soot. The doctors are keeping an eye to make sure she didn't inhale any of the flames.”

Parkland Hospital refused to comment on Witt-Denizeri's condition.

Camire was unharmed.

“I'm proud,” Harvey said, “of how our detectives and officers worked with local agencies to apprehend a violent individual from our community.”

All suspects are to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

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Anonymous said...

About 2/3 of all hate crimes committed against whites. YES! And those crimes normally what are called egregious offenses. Negroes subjected to a hate crime when called a nigger and slapped.

Whites subjected to a hate crime being called whitey motherfucker and stomped to death.