Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Twenty-odd years ago, white Hollywood director Jonathan Demme (The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia) complained to an interviewer that every month should be Black History Month.

Well, Demme is gone to wherever evildoers go when they die, but he surely got his wish. Every month might as well be BHM.

Every month, whites are treated to one black race hoax after another, one black shakedown after another, one brutal black-on-white crime after another… and that’s the stuff that actually breaks quarantine.

I have been following black race hoaxes since before I knew they were hate hoaxes. The first time was in December 1986, when a drugged-up, racist black thug named Michael Griffith got himself killed in Howard Beach, Queens.

Griffith and three friends were driving through Howard Beach, when their car broke down. The story that I and millions of other people heard was that the men were trying to get their car repaired, and stopped by a pizzeria for a bite to eat, when out of nowhere, a racist, white mob attacked them, and chased Griffith onto a highway, where he was hit and killed by a driver.

The case became famous when the Three Stooges got involved. Black supremacists “The Rev.” Al Sharpton, and crooked lawyers C. Vernon Mason and Alton H. Maddox weaseled their way into representing the surviving “victims” and Griffith’s family, and introduced the insane, revolutionary method of talking black crime “victims” into refusing to cooperate with police and prosecutors. The Stooges also demanded and got a special prosecutor for the case, in the place of Queens DA John Santucci.

The official story, before the entry of the Three Stooges, was not what happened.

Initially, the local press and police honestly reported on the case, but by the time I was paying close attention, they had agreed on a new, racial fairy tale.

The original story was that some white kids were driving a girl home at night when three black men crossing the street stopped and blocked the street, forcing the driver to hit the brakes, to avoid running them down. One of the black men then walked over to the driver’s side window and spit on the driver, while another threatened the whites with a knife. One of the blacks yelled, “Fuck you, honky!”

It was a black-on-white hate crime.

The whites dropped off the girl, drove home and got baseball bats, and went looking for revenge. They caught up with the criminals at the pizzeria, and gave them some street justice.

The blacks were not charged with any crimes, while the whites got the max. One of the whites, Jon Lester, was deported to England after serving his sentence, where he committed suicide.

I didn’t learn the truth about Howard Beach until 1998, when I bought a used copy of Jared Taylor’s classic 1992 work, Paved with Good Intentions. Several years later, I read a report on the incident in a 1990 edition of Jared’s magazine, American Renaissance.

The local L├╝genpresse has gotten great mileage out of Howard Beach, as have the Three Stooges.

In 2005, when another group of black criminals went to Howard Beach to steal a car, also sought to rob a dark-skinned (Italian), young white man, and instead got some street justice, the authorities and the L├╝genpresse re-ran Howard Beach I.

Again, the real perps were treated as “victims,” and the police and prosecutors railroaded the white local guy who dealt with them as a hate criminal. ABC News investigative reporter Tim Minton, who was doing news reader duty that night, said the incident had “eerie similarities” to Howard Beach I.

Well, it did, but not in the sense that Minton insinuated with his lie.

I’m still covering hate crime hoaxes, still covering black-on-white crime that the media and police alike lie about, or “disappear,” and still covering police fakestats.

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I thank you, and your posterity will, too.


Nicholas Stix


Anonymous said...

Negro can do no wrong and whitey can do no good. That is the narrative.

Anonymous said...

The entire year is Black History Month.

Anonymous said...

We Wuz Kangz and Queenz and Black Pantherzzzz and sheit!

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Kewpie doll for anybody who can figure out which one is the mother in the photo for this following story:
Imagine you're a potential witness and the court mistakenly sends out unredacted court documents to everybody involved in the case, even the one going on trial. That's what happened to David Henderson and the criminals executed him as a result. When they received the documents and discovered Henderson was going to testify against them, they threatened his life, he was very intimidated but still intended to testify. Sounds like he had some courage but not much sense, he should have armed himself and taken other steps to ensure his personal safety.

Anonymous said...

I was at my moms today on Oscah Sunday.For 20 years plus,my mom used to like to watch the "Red Carpet",pre-Oscar show,to see what the movie stars wore.Of course blacks have overwhelmed the proceedings the last 3 years or so,turning it into a "Black Carpet" fiasco.
I watched a few minutes with her.How any whites can view this atrocity--with all the black b.s.ers hogging the microphones the entire hour--is beyond my comprehension.
Later,on the Oscahs themselves,black after black was awarded some kind of honors for "Black Panther".
Art,costumes etc.
All the dumb effing whites in the audience smiled broadly as the blacks flapped their lips about A-A history being so important.
Now Tyler Perry is on.I'm not watching the show minute by minute,I'm in another room watching something else,but when I come downstairs,all I see are negroes on my mom's TV.
No wonder ratings are cratering year after year--besides the dearth of good movies and charismatic actors.
Now they're talking about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and intoducing Jennifer Hudson.
Shouldn't this be on BET?
The Black Oscars,renamed by me--the Oscahs.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Just watched the Oscars and it was exactly what I expected, a complete spineless capitulation to racist blacks and liberal white lackeys, even worse than last years, I can only imagine what the future holds. I don't even know where to begin, maybe start with Spike Lee's 400 years oppression diatribe and racist FU to white America but I think what summed it up for me was the red carpet interviews when they stopped Traci Ellis Ross, her comment was: "I just wanted black men to win, otherwise I didn't care about anything".
Seriously, she said that and it's not considered "racist". Imagine any white saying they only want whites to win, it would be a media firestorm and their career would be over. I just watched it on the red carpet after show, I'll see if that bit gets posted on Youtube and send a link.