Thursday, February 21, 2019

Kamala Harris' Father Slams Her, Jussie Smollett Arrested amid Damning Video, and Lara Logan Names Media Devils

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Lara Logan says she's being targeted for slamming biased media, boldly calls out her critics by name

'Trump shows Europe how it's done': POTUS says woman who joined ISIS not allowed back to US, legal battle looms

Jussie Smollett arrested as damning video surfaces; Nigerian brothers' lawyer urges actor to come clean

Kamala Harris' own father slams her for using family to advance 'pursuit of identity politics,' calls it a 'travesty'

'Genuinely heartfelt': Tucker takes on leaked video of unaired heated showdown with a stinging rebuke

'Certainly hundreds': Nick Sandmann's lawyer warns more lawsuits pending over 'reprehensible' media conduct

Southern Poverty Law Center whitewashes Democrats' ties to anti-Semite Farrakhan

Ignorant vandals go after wrong Confederate figure, burn a World War 2 general's statue instead

Why the left keeps falling for hate hoaxes

Digging reveals suspicious payments to AOC's boyfriend began during campaign as more damning allegations surface

Trey Gowdy says McCabe is lying, and then he sets the record straight on multiple fronts

They created a billboard in Times Square just for Ocasio-Cortez, but we don't think she's going to like it

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