Saturday, February 09, 2019

America’s Greatest Investigative Journalist Reports on Corrupt, Racist, Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee



Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

Sheila Jackson Lee Resigns from Subcommittee, Foundation in Wake of Ex-Staffer Suit
By Carl Horowitz
January 24, 2019

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has a well-earned reputation for vindictiveness. But she’s now reaped poetic justice. Yesterday the Texas Democrat resigned her posts as chairman of a House Judiciary subcommittee and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation following a wrongful termination suit filed earlier this month by an ex-female staffer identified in court documents as “Jane Doe.” The former aide, who seeks $75,000 in damages, had been fired last spring after stating her intent to pursue legal action against a former foundation employee, Damien Jones, who allegedly raped her back in the fall of 2015, a time during which she interned for another House member. Lee has denied wrongdoing from the start. But increasing pressure from black colleagues helped persuade her to step down.

Now in her 13th term in office, Sheila Jackson Lee represents the heavily black 18th District of Texas, which encompasses a large portion of Houston. Over the years, she has demonstrated a large ethical blind spot. In a particularly flagrant case of self-dealing, Rep. Jackson Lee in the summer of 2012 intervened to restore 70 percent of the Medicare payments to Houston’s Riverside General Hospital blocked by the Department of Health and Human Services following revelations that hospital management had obtained $158 million from HHS through fraudulent overbillings….

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Damien Jones---future lieutenant governor of Virginia.

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Most negro officials of what ever sort are very corrupt. What gets negroes most made about corruption is that they would merely say they did not get their fair share of corruption.