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A Series of Reports on the Jussie Smollett Hoax

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From ABC7 reporter Rob Elgas’ tweets, via the Thread Reader App.

Rob Elgas
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NEW: @ABC reports Jussie Smollett told police his attackers concealed their faces and he did not identify the attackers by race. 1/2
Additionally, in their initial report, Jussie Smollett did not tell police his attackers yelled “MAGA.” Chicago Police PIO added: “I’m not saying it’s not true. He could have remembered later, but he did not tell officers that in the initial report.” 2/2

MORE: Chicago PD says detectives did a follow-up, supplemental interview with Jussie Smollett, where he did in fact tell police his attackers yelled “MAGA country.”

CPD also says: when Smollett contacted police at 2:42AM, he was still wearing the rope around his neck. The alleged encounter occurred at 2AM. Police have the rope and it will be analyzed.

All of the above is attributable to a Chicago police spokesman.

NEW: @ABC reports the FBI has taken over the Jussie Smollett case in Chicago.

Chicago police say my previous tweet is inaccurate. Apologies for the mistake. The investigation remains with Chicago police.

To clarify: a dozen Chicago police detectives are working the case. FBI is assisting.

NEW: Chicago police have a security image of Smollett alone inside a Subway sandwich shop near the location of the reported crime. Police have also obtained additional video placing him at the scene of the crime. 1/2

Chicago Police do not have any video of the assailants and continue to look for surveillance video. Investigators heard the "MAGA country" claim in media reports and called Smollett again. In that supplemental interview he shared that info with police. 2/2

Tonight @ABC7Chicago has learned Jussie Smollett requested responding Chicago police officers turn off their body cameras as they arrived to take his report. A spokesman says this is not uncommon when officers enter a private residence. 1/2

CPD spokesman says, per department policy, officers informed Smollett they were wearing activated body cameras. He did request the cameras to be turned off. 2/2
Police responded to the initial call from a man who was with Smollett inside an apartment. He would eventually self-transport to Northwestern Hospital.
As Chicago police expand their search for the men who allegedly attacked Jussie Smollett, a spokesman says this morning there have been “no obvious people that could be assailants” discovered. Detectives have poured over hundreds of hours of surveillance video.

BREAKING: Chicago police have located a surveillance camera that shows potential persons of interest wanted for questioning in alleged Jussie Smollett attack. 1/2
Police spokesman @AJGuglielmi says a community alert with photos is being constructed and will be sent out shortly. 2/2

MORE: The images of the two potential persons of interest show them walking in the general area of where Smollett is. It does NOT show an assault. Also the quality of the images is not great. Should be released in next few hours.

Chicago police say detectives want to talk to the people seen on surveillance. They are not calling them suspects. Because there is an allegation of a hate crime, a community alert will be issued.

UPDATE: The Chicago police community alert that will include images of two "potential persons of interest" in the Smollett case expected in the next 30 minutes. Likely before 8pm Chicago time at the latest.

Remember we are being told the quality of the images is not great. Obviously depends on type of camera. Don't know if this is a city, private or business camera.

BREAKING: Chicago Police release two photos of potential persons of interest in the Jussie Smollett investigation and issue a community alert.

NEW: Here is the Chicago Police community alert in the Jussie Smollett investigation.

This story keeps developing. Standby for more news...

NEW: @ABC reporting Smollett's music manager, Brandon Moore, has confirmed a @Variety report that he was on the phone with Smollett during the alleged attack and heard some of the incident.

MORE: Brandon Moore tells @ABC he gave his account to Chicago Police. We are trying to confirm that. Moore also says he heard the words "MAGA country". He says he heard that "clearly" and heard the racial slur.

I've spoken to Chicago police and can share a few more details about the investigation. Writing a quick story for 10pm news. Give me 10 minutes.

NEW: Chicago police CONFIRM Jussie Smollett and his music manager, Brandon Moore, told detectives they were on the phone when Smollett was being attacked.

However, detectives are unable to "independently verify" the call occurred because Smollett refused to turn over his phone.

Now to the surveillance camera images/video of Smollett and who police call the "potential persons of interest".

Detectives used time code from two different cameras to piece together Smollett's movements when he was near them. On one camera they are seated at a bench. The other camera shows Smollett across the street.

Police say both Smollett and the "persons of interest" walk out of frame (on different cameras). Smollett would reappear on a different camera about a minute later. So basically for about 60 seconds Smollett is not on surveillance camera.

Let me clarify. On one camera the "persons of interest" are seated at a bench. ACROSS the same street, Smollett is seen walking. Smollett is recorded on that different camera walking. The "persons of interest" are also seen walking, but on the other side of the same street.

The next time Smollett is seen on surveillance camera, he is entering a condo building. Police say he now has a rope around his neck and is "wearing it like a neck tie". About a minute (maybe less) has passed since he was seen on video.

Smollett, according to investigators, walks in to the building, walks by building security and gets on an elevator. This video is better quality according to detectives. And what appears to be road salt is on his sweatshirt.

Smollett would go to an acquaintance's home and that is where police would arrive to take his report.

Here’s our @ABC7Chicago report on the Jussie Smollett investigation:

Photos show potential persons of interest in 'Empire' actor attack, police say Surveillance video captured potential persons of interest in the attack on "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett in the Streeterville neighborhood, Chicago police said Wednesday afternoon.

Going to try and stay updated on Smollett investigation today. My colleague @WillABC7 is working this too. Follow him and @ABC7Chicago.

Jussie Smollett’s family has released a statement.

Smollett family statement: “His story has never changed, and we are hopeful they will find these men and bring them to justice. Our family thanks everyone for their prayers and the huge amount of love he has received.”

Smollett family: “We are thankful to our village for your immense support during this trying time. We are so grateful that God saw him through this cowardly attack alive. Jussie is a warrior whose light cannot be dimmed.”

UPDATE: Chicago police have confirmed a @TMZ report to @ABC that a neighbor of Smollett's did come forward with information. Her description of a man she said she saw with a rope of some kind was "significantly different" than one provided by Smollett.

Detectives took her information but have yet to find any surveillance video that shows an individual matching the description she gave.

Chicago police also say Jussie Smollett is NOT the target or focus of any criminal investigation, he is the victim. Police have no interest or probable cause to obtain a warrant to search his phone records.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
In the article it said this: To clarify: a dozen Chicago police detectives are working the case. FBI is assisting.

Seriously? A dozen cops with the FBI helping? And he wasn't seriously injured?

When a friend of mine got the crap beat out of him at a skating rink by a pack of racist negro's we could barely get the cops to come and ask questions. One showed up and spent the whole time wondering what my friend did to instigate it. You could tell he didn't give a crap.

bonghits02 said...

What's the over/under on when this is revealed to be fake? I'm going to guess: Superbowl, that way nobody covers it.

Anonymous said...

As Lesta is prone to say about Trump,NBC "news" is "s c r a m b l i n g" to find some whiteys to lynch.They're also "scrambling" the facts and rumors,as needed,to get the most high octane story they can air--high octane as in trying to inflame a story that hasn't been shown to have an ounce of truth to it.
Meanwhile,the Dem gov,Northam,caught with KKK sheets and blackface 30 years ago says,"I will not resign."
How this ends up will be interesting.Libs must stay consistent and force him out--or no one should have to quit their jobs again--for ANYTHING--in the future,for private behavior.You cannot have it both ways.By this time,Roseanne was long gone.The punishment meter is recalibrated when each of these so called "racist" incidents occur.The punishment grows,but the offenses are less offensive.Soon,a white having curly hair will be considered racial mockery and warrant job termination. Here,in this case,what's good for the Republican goose,is good for the Democratic gander.If Northam doesn't go,no one should from now on (and I don't think he SHOULD go btw).
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

He did get hit by someone. Either a gay spat or a drug deal or he owed big time money to someone and would not pay.

That number of detectives the cost for their duty in this case has be enormous. Filing a false police report and creating such a stir if allegations of what occurred unfounded that probably is a serious offense.

Jussie says now he must compose his thoughts before he speaks further on the issue.

This is all one big fraud.

Anonymous said...

Given the timeline, I doubt he was even attacked. He got a scratch, so maybe he fell, but otherwise this seems like a premeditated hoax, where he rolled on the ground a bit and donned the rope, conveniently off-camera. A minute isn't really long enough for him to have had a homosexual encounter go wrong, a drug deal go wrong, etc.