Sunday, September 23, 2018

Warning: Highly Disturbing, Explicit Video Racist, South African Murderers Made of Them Slaughtering and Beheading a White Girl with Cutlasses; This is the South African Genocide

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Last updated on Monday, September 24, 2018, 6:33 p.m.

Sorry, folks, but the video was removed by the Twitter Politburo. However, I saw it, and it was the most shocking thing I ever have.


Anonymous said...

Joy Reid today:"The Republicans don't care if Kavanaugh is guilty--they want him on the Supreme Court."
I say:The Democrats don't care if he DIDN'T do it--they don't want him on the Supreme Court.
This morning,another "lifelong friend"
of Ms.Ford said, "nothing was said,nothing happened."
I say:Wrestling around on a bed is not "attempted rape",as I've repeatedly heard the Dems claim this incident was.No clothes were removed.The male friend that jumped on both Ford and Kavanaugh,proved that it was a very fun,spur of the moment thing they were all engaging in.After that,Ford may have decided it was getting out of control and left(if this even happened the way she says it did.)
Joy Reid is unwatchable.
--GR Anonymous-I'm a white American man

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any African juju was involved in the murder of the South African white female? Eternal Africa. Today, tomorrow, forever.

Anonymous said...

White COP Fired For Nothing--by Black Dominated Detroit Police Department
(DailyMail)A Detroit police officer who shared a 'highly insensitive' post on Snapchat has been fired.

Officer Sean Bostwick shared a selfie on Snapchat with the caption: 'Another night to Rangel up these zoo animals.'

Bostwick was suspended with pay on Sunday, but Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced that the officer will be removed from the payroll effective Tuesday morning.
GRA:All blacks,at the microphone, announcing Bostwick's termination.File this with the rest of the anti-white
crusade(including Kavanaugh)that I have been posting on here the past couple years.White free speech does not exist in any black dominated area,be it police,government,neighborhood,city or media.However,as on "Negro Nightly News",or ABC(run by a black woman),blacks are being elevated ABOVE whites--they are getting full protection,while whites are shown no mercy.Those are specific examples,but the trend of letting blacks take over all areas of society (orchestrated by rich white liberal CEOs and their personally chosen black understudies)is ramping up.The result is the stifling of white Constitutional rights of free speech,along with the end of "life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
And in Bostwick's case--his job.
--GR Anonymous--I'm a white man.