Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Another Female Jogger Murdered; The Usual Vic Slaughtered by the Usual Suspect; Murder was “Random Attack”; Raceless Killer’s Shirt Has been Identified! Cue the Feminazis to Denounce White Men 3,2,1…


War crime victim Wendy Martinez was only 35. What’s the next step: Saying the vic died of unknown causes; “suicide”; “accidental death”? Don’t laugh; the NYPD does that all the time.

By Jerry PDX
Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 3:54:00 P.M. EDT

This one just hit the newswires, A young, pretty white woman, 35-year-old Wendy Martinez, has been stabbed to death while out jogging by a diversity murderer. Fox put it up immediately with a grainy video, though no detailed description of suspect. Yes, it's the usual victim and the usual suspect, but nobody will say it aloud. Police in the article are calling it a “random act” ... yeah, sure.

A quick search reveals no coverage by any of the other major national news media outlets. [N.S.: The Washington Post has since covered it, in its local section.]

At Fox News.


The war crime victim, and the raceless, black war criminal. When the police call a crime "a random attack," that's an inadvertent tell that it was a racist hate crime.

DC Police identify 35-yr-old jogger murdered in what investigators believe was a random attack. Wendy Martinez was an avid runner & lived near Logan Circle area. Prayers with her family & friends. This is sickening.

N.S.: D.C. Metro Police Chief Peter] Newsham said the suspect is described as a black man wearing a mustard-colored shirt that went to his thigh area, along with dark-colored sweatpants that were slightly rolled up. The man wore white socks and light-colored sandals, according to Newsham. He fled south on 11th Street NW.

Police said a knife was recovered at the scene.

“[Thirty-four-year-old Jogger Jessica] Dillman — who lives less than a block away — said she too is an avid runner. The block where the woman was stabbed is part of the ‘safe route’ she takes when she doesn’t want to run too far at night, Dillman said.

“‘I’m trying to be safe, and it’s just scary because women aren’t safe,’ she said. ‘It’s scary, it’s scary for all of us.’”

“Dillman, who said she runs with a knife, added that it scares her that a route that she thought was safe is now a homicide site, with the victim a woman who also ran.

When asked whether she would change her safe route, Dillman offered a sobering response.

“‘I don’t think there is a safe route for women,’ she replied.” [“Woman fatally stabbed in D.C.’s popular Logan Circle neighborhood,” by Michael Brice-Saddler and Dana Hedgpeth, Washington Post, September 19 at 1:17 P.M.]

But as Gloria Steinem famously proclaimed, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.”

When I first accessed the WP article, I was able to read a few comments, before the comments crapped out on me.

Some readers said that the initial report was that three black males were the suspects. The article was updated, with Chief Newsham reporting that there was one suspect, who was a black man.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Update on coverage for the Wendy Martinez murder. MSN has now covered it, sort of. They put it in the "trending now" section, which means a lot of people are interested in ths story, even though it's only been given headline coverage on one major media outlet. Under the photo the captions says: Provided by Fox News Network, which I think means the photo but the article looks like a repost also, with maybe a couple more details that have come out later.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
I may have forgotten to include the link to the MSN coverage of the Martinez murder. It's easy to miss if you go to the MSN title page, the trending section is doesn't have a photo or big headline, it's just a bunch of trending stories lumped together:

Anonymous said...

And on a related subject,Tucker Carlson told a black University of Maryland "professor" --Taylor was his last name I believe--"I am for integration."
Sure,if he can integrate with Juan Williams or Hallie Berry.
Carlson just lost me as a viewer.He'd never utter that 4 word phrase if he knew WTF he was talking about--meaning,just like Jimmy Kimmell or Colbert,he's obviously had no experience with uneducated,ghetto blacks lately(who make up the vast majority of their population).
Not smart Tucker.YOU integrate with them,I'll attempt to stay away from the cause of our country's(and white people's)demise.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The usual suspects are always the usual suspects.