Saturday, September 22, 2018

Tucker Carlson: If GOP Surrenders to Christine Ford’s Demand for Delay in Testifying, Kavanaugh Nomination is Dead in the Water, and Trump Will Never Get that Seat on the U.S. Supreme Court

By Nicholas Stix

In other words, the Communists will have undone the election. And that’s what it was always about.


Anonymous said...

We'll soon know which side the Republicans are on--Trump's side or Pelosi's side.
Carlson has turned into a milquetoast.
"I'm not saying she's not sincere,I'm not attacking her"--then what are you saying?Jay Mohr may have more balls than Tucker Carlson--post surgery.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line on this particular attempt to sabotage Trump's nominee--with an accusation that has no proof--IS,there's no proof!
Ford's testimony,by itself is meaningless without evidence of an "attack".The only thing that delaying her appearance does,is that it allows for chicanery by Ford's lawyer.Casting call?How about paying an old high school friend handsomely for some false testimony?(paid for by Democratic PAC money).
Putting that option aside--and no one else comes forward to verify even one iota of Ford's story--what's the point of it all?You can't fire an employee just on the CLAIM that John Doe is embezzling money,it needs to be proven.In the same vein,you cannot prevent Mr.Doe from being hired because someone in the hiring section of a company claims Doe is lying about his qualifications on the application.Prove it,and you can proceed.
This morning,Joy Reid talked as if Kavanaugh is guilty--game,set and match,then had a white guest on,talking about a right wing media who disbelieved Ford from the get-go.Reid also laughed off the Ed Whelan "look-a-like theory".
At the end of it all,what you have left in a case like this--without facts--is OPINION,which is not enough to prevent a person from being hired for the Supreme Court or anywhere else.
--GR Anonymous--I'm a white man.