Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Christine Blasey Ford Circus Must End Now

By Nicholas Stix

Since #ChristineBlaseyFord refuses to cooperate with the Senate Judiciary Committee, and seeks to hijack the confirmation process, there is no reason to accede to her demands. The Committee should immediately vote on #BrettKavanaugh’s nomination.


Anonymous said...

All the distractions and diversionary accusations about Trump by the team of media and the Democratic party,the last couple years,seem to be working,Today,a FOX poll said that "only 12% of the population consider the economy a top 2018 election concern"--Republicans so called strength.Instead of rewarding Repubs for a good economy,voters are ignoring it.
That leaves Democratic issues,like immigration,Trump's sex life,Trump's "incompetence",queer rights,SCOTUS picks,The Wall,Trump's "racism"etc.
ALL garbage.These Dem talking points are seen daily on "Negro Nightly News" and the other networks and repeated often--even on my local news.
"Love Trumps Hate" is the WZZM mantra.
Another poll,talked about by Coulter,is giving the Dems a good chance at the Senate.We may see a market drop of significance if that occurs.Not looking good for my favorite President of my lifetime.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

NOW!!! Vote now!!!