Sunday, September 03, 2017

The Mets Lost Only One Game Today!

By Nicholas Stix

They had a 2-1 lead after one inning, and a 4-1 lead after two, but rookie call-up Chris Flexen gave up five runs in the third inning. The final score was 8-6.

I slept through the whole game, which turned out to be an excellent use of my time. Unfortunately, it appears that a lot of Mets players slept through it, as well.

The Mets are now 58-78, and in fourth place in the Eastern Division (still ahead of the hapless Phillies), while the Astros, who for some reason are playing in the wrong league, are 83-53, and running away with the Western Division.

Good teams find ways to win, while bad teams find ways to lose.

Yesterday, the Mets found ways to lose a doubleheader to the Astros.

The Mets are a team that in April looked to be contenders, but now are a team with a splendid mix of broken-down veterans with poor attitudes, and young fools.

Today’s box score.

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